House Hunters Be Like

House Hunters Be Like

My sons and I were watching tiny houses last night and I burst out laughing as I usually do on a weekly basis. They looked at me like, “shut the hell up” but a little less intense. Honestly I think they are finally realizing this weekly outburst isn’t going anywhere. I just think of shit and start laughing. I grabbed my phone, tapped the Pinterest app and queried House Hunters funnies. I could barely get the words out as I read the funny memes to my sons. It shows a couple then explains what they do for a living and what their ridiculously high budget for a home is. A few of those along with other hilarious memes are on my Funny Meme Board so check it out! Feel free to even follow the board! I promise, you won’t be disappointed. The boys now understood why I was laughing so hard.

After finding about 5, I was disappointed to realize there weren’t anymore. Like the 59th minute of Walking Dead where you don’t want it to end, I didn’t want these to end either. So what does one do? Why, one makes her own. Below are a few I came up with along with the ridiculous “wish lists”, you cringe at when they rattle through it. Have you ever sat through one of those and not exclaimed, “Oh yeah right! Good luck with that one.”

House Hunters Be Like……

pug cuddler

meter maid

Mary Kay

camp counselor


But then you have the other end of the spectrum. People who have virtually no budget and want EVERYTHING. Here is my take on it.

wine cellar



So let’s have some more fun! In the comments, make up your own House Hunters introduction. Tell me what you and your real/pretend spouse does and what your budget is! The wilder, the better! I can’t wait to read them!!!

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