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Parents Behaving Badly Part 3

Do you ever go through a holiday and someone completely takes you by surprise and gives you the most amazing gift on Earth? That was my Mother’s Day Weekend. Sure, I had to be up on Mother’s day at the ass crack of dawn for a soccer game, but the day before gave us what only could be described as magical.

Hot Mess, why do you say magical? 

I say magical because of the entertaining parents from the opposing team. It’s so bad, that they have a nickname, “Savages”, and I would say this is on point.

I haven’t posted in a few days because we were in Cincinnati all weekend for soccer and I’m trying to teach myself video editing for stuff like this. Now, when the lady walks onto the field, she is standing next to my son. Make sure the video is in full screen so you can see his priceless reaction!

Parents Behaving Badly Part 3

So after the women (yes, there was more than one), the soccer ball was accidentally kicked over the fence. Her next move was to announce that she was kicked out and couldn’t help us. Classy.

After the game (which we won), one of the dads proceeded to converse with one of these ladies. She then followed him out to the parking lot commenting on his age and insulting him left and right. I think my friend said they drove by her, waving and said the following,

“Bye! Have a great day!”

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Now, let’s all pray to the baby Jesus, teenage Jesus and bearded Jesus that there are many, many more opportunities like this past weekend, to capture imbeciles at their kids’ soccer games!


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8 thoughts on “Parents Behaving Badly Part 3

  1. Holy cow! Isn’t it funny how things get so out of hand at these events. I remember when I played softball, the parents yelling stuff from the stands and as a player you just want to tell them to shut up. I see behavior hasn’t gotten any better and what’s really sad is these people are role models for other humans. Yikes!

    1. Yeah, maybe role models for future participants of COPS or Bobby Knight like behavior. These parents need to put their big girl and boy pants on and lead by example.

  2. Goof for her for actually walking out onto the field- it was probably the first time in a very long time that she was not motivated by food to get off her fat ass!

    1. Wow…I did not see that comment going that way. LOL! I thought you were commending her for sticking up for her kid. I was about to tell you that both coaches and ref would have totally made sure they had the proper gear on. I just cannot believe her. One of our moms once raced out onto the field after her son laid there for several minutes and she still gets shit for that. When she did it, I found it complete acceptable.

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