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Hot Mess & The Ridiculous House Hunter

So guys, I’m trying to teach myself filmora so I can incorporate some vlogging. What better way to learn then to review a ridiculous house hunter? It’s not been a secret that I find 50% of HGTV’s House Hunters ridiculous, especially when they tour a 700-year-old ruin and deem it “amazing”.

Now go easy on me. This is my second vlog and my first time attempting to pull clips together. I have a lot to learn but I would love for you to watch this 10 minute video and give me some feedback on how I can improve it. I have them touring house 1 and 3. House #2 was boring.


What did you think? I would love to know what you think about the volume, the cuts, does my face have too many wrinkles, the transitions to my comments, etc. Anything to help me get better. I’ll take your feedback and use it for my next video.

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9 thoughts on “Hot Mess & The Ridiculous House Hunter

  1. This is everything I thought I wanted in life. OMG YAASSSS..I can’t believe they bought the ruins haha. Sure it’s super cheap now but how much are the renovations going to cost them? So amazing! Do more of these. Lots more.

        1. Ok cool, thank you! Maybe I’ll do 1 a week to give me practice and since they take FOREVER! But that’s probably b/c I’m new at it??

  2. “A second murder hole!!!” I love this. Your eye rolls are exactly what I would expect of you having read your blog. One of the biggest issues is the sound. Your parts are so soft I feel like you were trying to keep your voice down while you were doing it. And here’s a next level thing to try (I’m thinking it’s next level, I don’t know Filmora,) at the end, while they are discussing the three houses, you should be overlaid in the corner with your eye rolls, shrugs and horror faces!

    1. Omg….that’s exactly what I was doing…I was keeping it down so my husband wouldn’t think I was talking to myself! Notice how loud I got when I knew he was in the shower? Lol! Very, very good advice. Thank you!!

  3. I think Jennifer makes some great comments. I think your intro is a little tame. I’m not sure about “excitement” that feels wrong with what you’re trying to do here, but a little more enthusiasm for what you’re doing should come through, I think. my favorite part of this is your funny facial expressions. More of that please.

    1. Jennifer did make some amazing points and like I told her, it just so happens I was trying to keep it down so my husband didn’t think I was talking to myself. 🙂 I am so appreciative of everyone’s feedback. Thank you!

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