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Free Printable Blogging Schedule

I’ve blogged about this on more than one occasion and that is, I need a blogging schedule. I don’t have one and I blog/do social media only when I have time. There is zero consistency and I absolutely hate it. I had a side hustle of making personalized Christmas gifts and because of that, my blog suffered in December.

In the past, I found a blogging schedule template and I printed it out but stopped using it because it focused on a few areas of social media I didn’t care to focus on. I guess I also stopped because I felt like a failure in that I didn’t complete every single task and let me tell you, there was a shit ton of tasks to be done.

non bloggersSo I’ve designed my own blogging schedule that works for me. There’s no right or wrong in my mind when creating a blogging schedule, only one tailored to the individual. I decided to offer it as a free download for you and guess what? I’m not going to ask for your email or a follow (though that would be fabulous). I’ve written in the past how I’m tired of bloggers that have sold out, only blogging about blogging and they make money by preying on newbies looking to learn. I’ll say it again, all the knowledge is out there for free. I never paid a dime. Again, do not pay for courses, just research online, join a blogging Facebook page, the support in the blogging community is like no other support anywhere. Promise!

I put this checklist in an excel document so you can add/delete stuff or change the # of times you do something around. I wanted to estimate the time that I spend on each so that’s to the right of the checklist. Perhaps this will give you a jumping off point. Now this is a living document. I intend to change it when I feel I’m not spending enough time on an area and vice versa. It’s not fancy either with roses framing the list, it’s just a good ole’ fashion list.

For all the bloggers out there, do you have any tips on keeping a blogging schedule? Do you have a checklist or do you do it like I’ve been doing it for 3 years, by the seat of your pants?

Oh yeah, so I guess I have to give you guys the check list I created. Here you go! Happy blogging!

Blogging Check List


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7 thoughts on “Free Printable Blogging Schedule

  1. I blog when I want to blog lol I don’t do social media either. Like my posts get sent from my blog to my twitter and I browse twitter every morning for news headlines and stuff but that’s all I use it for. But blogging is whenever, whatever. I do have my regular Saturday Questions posts and my nail art posts. I find when I have a schedule I HAVE to stick to, I don’t enjoy it. I still post almost every day in the morning like I have for the last few years but that’s just because of work. I feel this is a rambling comment but I don’t have enough coffee in me to go back and fix it. Lol best of luck in trying to figure out what I was trying to say

    1. I totally understood all of that! And your philosophy on blogging is similar to mine. But I feel like to grow my blog, I need some sort of routine/gameplan. I really hope to stick to a check list. And I totally get the whole thing about if you have a routine you wouldn’t enjoy it, I’m concerned about that myself. We will see how this goes. Have a great day!

      1. For growing your blog, I think you need to have the structure. A few people I know will write whenever they feel the need to write, but schedule things on specific days and that’s how they make your schedule work for them. I’m not focused on growing my blog lol I have lots of followers but only interact with a few and I love that small group. But I know you are actively trying to grow and expand and make your blog work for you, which I think is great! and I hope that you get it to where you want it to be! 😀

  2. I am just a seat of my pants blog schedule person too. I do try to keep my Sully Saturdays on schedule, now. There is not always something blog worthy everyday or even every week. 😀

    1. Agreed! I’ve started to write down ideas that inspire me and I do get writers block probably once a month. It’s frustrating becasue I want to write every single day but sometimes there just isn’t anything to write about.

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