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House Hunters and Entertaining


How much entertaining do these people do on House Hunters? I want to know. This post is for the WordPress Daily Prompt and couldn’t be more perfect about the annoying people on House Hunters and the things they complain about or find vitally important to their shelter.

This room would be perfect for entertaining.

We need a large kitchen because we love to entertain.

There isn’t a space for entertaining. 

It’s gotten so bad that I’ve made a drinking game out of it. You drink whenever someone says entertain. I mean, you could have House Hunters Amish Edition or House Hunters Meth House and you would still hear Farmer Miller state they need a place for reading the bible….and to cook the meth. I always thought they needed a Trailer House Hunters. How funny would that be? There would be a pit bull chained to one of them while the second lacked plumbing and the last one? Well that one had a built on car port. But I digress.

And I don’t even like entertaining. You have to clean your house, buy food, cook food, decide on the activities and lastly, you have to clean yourself up. Too much work! Before I got married and would register for the wedding, it was all about entertaining. The registry consultant would hand you glossy brochures showing beautiful young couples around a perfectly set table. A few guests were raising their long stem wine glasses while a few guys had their new beer mugs. Everyone’s laughing and simply having the best time of their lives, all because they are entertaining.

You want to know what my entertaining looks like? This is it, in a complete nutshell:

“You can come over but my house is dirty and I haven’t showered.”

Boom! Now how many of you have said something along those lines to a friend or relative? And I know many of you have because that’s the warning I get when I go over to a friend’s house. It’s a mutual understanding that as long as you provide wine, your attempts at entertaining is adequate enough.

What do you guys think? Do you seriously (don’t lie) love to entertain or are you as annoyed as I am with the entertainers of house hunters?


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16 thoughts on “House Hunters and Entertaining

  1. I like to entertain and clean but everyone else has to clean. That’s the rule! It’s hella stressful and luckily I do it so far apart that I forget that it’s not worth doing.

    1. And I’m sure everyone just loves, loves, loves to clean too! LOL! When I ask my children to participate they look at me as if I’ve asked them to build an addition onto the home.

        1. Preach! You are so right. My son right now thinks it’s down right torture that he doesn’t have a tv in his room. We are just such horrible parents for not getting him a tv. Pulleeezzzeeee…..

  2. I have a friend who is Martha Stewart by nature. It’s her DNA. But her house is ready all the time. The living room isn’t massive, it’s cozy but you can also navigate to the dining room which leads to the kitchen which has large counters which is great for grazing buffet. It’s lovely and means she sets the bar for perfect, the rest of my buds can just put out chips and lend slippers and no one feels bad.

    1. Yeah, my BFF is like that. I’ve just realized as of late that I don’t have that gene that wants to serve people and slave away in the kitchen b/c that’s exactly what it feels like. I’ve been known to be in the middle of cooking something and announce, “this isn’t fun. How do people like this?” But then again, I grew up in a house where my mother never cooked and we would always go out to eat.

  3. I like the *idea* of entertaining but I don’t have to clean up after children in my own space haha. That makes it worse I think – the children. Because it’s just me, it’s easier to keep it clean. I don’t mind the cooking but the shopping for food I hate.

    1. LOL! You are right about that. And when you entertain and expect children, then it’s like you need 2 menus. Wine…..and capri suns. Onion dip…..and goldfish. Etc, etc…..

  4. I like the ‘idea’ of entertaining in my house, but I have a hellish beast of a dog who will try and eat anyone she doesn’t know and scare the b-jesus out of them if she can’t actually get to them. That being said, entertaining is not on my radar at the moment for fear of a possible lawsuit.

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