Hot Mess House Hunters

hot mess house hunting

I was so excited to get the following text from my Sister-S:

House Hunting with hot messSo we are going house hunting! It’s ironic this is happening now after just writing the following post: House Hunter Cliches 3 days ago.

The best thing about this little outing? I get to say ALL the House Hunter cliches. We are going to complain about not having granite counter tops and going to jokingly (but not funny) stand in the walk in closet and announce “I know where my clothes will be. Where are you going to put yours?” And lastly I’m going to stand in the open floorplans and announce in all seriousness “this will be really great for entertaining all our friends and family.”

By now the Real Estate Agent will look from S and me and question who the buyer really is.

I can’t wait to report our findings to you guys. In fact I just had an awesome idea. I am going to take pictures of all the homes and present all of the facts like # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, etc. to you guys. You guys get to vote on the house they will purchase*. Oh my God, it’s HOT MESS HOUSE HUNTERS!!!!! It’s amazing what coffee, your daily dose of ritalin and Moves Like Jagger will help you create.

*actual house selected may vary.

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