I love hearing from my readers so if you loved something I wrote, tell me about it with an email: [email protected]! If you ever have topics I have yet to write about that you think would be hilarious, email me too! Here is my stance on all other reasons for contact:


Please no emails about exchanging links with your business or blog unless they’re extremely relevant topics. Here’s an idea of what I consider relevant:

On Topic

  • Humor
  • Parenting
  • Soccer (youth sports only)
  • Wine/alcohol
  • Moms
  • Fashion/beauty
  • Pop Culture
  • Tiny Houses
  • Women’s issues
  • Technology

Off Topic

  • Cooking
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Sports (except for relating to having kids in sports)
  • Beer (I hate it)
  • Exercise
  • Health Food
  • Get rich quick
  • Finances

Guest Posts

I LOVE writing for other blogs as long as I can have my voice and write how I normally do. I welcome blogging friends to guest post on my blog as long as it’s hilarious, not hateful and under 750 words. Again, email me at [email protected] to get something going.

Product Reviews

I love doing product reviews as long as it’s stuff I would use. Products I love reviewing include:

  • Fashion/beauty products (don’t send shit that is going to make me grow a 3rd eye)
  • Technology (I’m a Note girl by the way so no Apple related items)
  • Interior design
  • Anything to make my life easier
  • Wine

Products I won’t review:

  • Pet products (Sorry, Chi-Chi died in the spring. God rest her soul.)
  • Pregnancy or baby related items (never going through that nightmare again)
  • Weight loss supplements


Chinese Crested Dog






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