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Printable Signs to Deal With A** Holes

Upon the unfortunate realization I had no milk this morning to make my daily latte, I threw on slides and a jacket because let’s be real, I wasn’t putting a bra on to go to the gas station, and headed out. About 5 houses up I looked over and felt my usual disgust.

This house is a rental and has been now for about 5 years. At no point during the 5 years have any of the tenants taken the initiative to remove the weeds. They let them grow to the point you think it’s a science experiment and it’s pissing me off beyond belief. No exaggeration, these weeds are taller than me and I don’t know how you can live like that.

‘I wish I had a sign,’ I thought to myself. ‘I wish I had a sign for a lot of situations.’

That’s when I vowed after I got back, to write this post and provide all of you the signs you need to politely tell people they are fucking up. I realize that some of you live in countries where English is not the primary language. No worries, just message me the sign translation and I’ll insert it with the beautiful graphics. I have the pdf link then the graphic of what is on the pdf. Print out (in color for extra pizzazz) and sign away my friend! Enjoy!

For the People Who Don’t Care About Their Yard


yard example

For the Person Who Stole Your Lunch and/or Soda

stole lunch PDF

stolen lunches

For the Server That Feels Serving is Beneath Them

Subpar Server

Subpar Server

The Break Room Microwave Ass Hole

Break Room Microwave

Personal Microwave

For the Person That Parks Way Too Close



So friend, there you have it. 5 signs to convey your frustration to 5 common idiocies out there. Are there any other signs you would like to see? If I get enough requests, I can certainly do a Signs Part 2!

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11 thoughts on “Printable Signs to Deal With A** Holes

  1. I absolutely love this! Need one for bad drivers – not using indicators, not leaving a gap, not closing the gap, not going when there’s a gap. I could go on!

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like this! I thought about a printable sign for that but then I wondered, ‘when would be the point of insertion/delivery of said notice?’ Maybe it could be a sign you hold up after the idiot has performed their indiscretion? IDK, so many questions! LOL!

  2. I feel like I would be getting the parking one. But only when I drive the huge ass mini-vans at work! Sometimes it takes me like 5 tries to reverse that thing into a parking space! Especially in underground parking at the YMCA where there are concrete supports on one side of EVERY SINGLE PARKING SPACE! Once I get it in between the lines without scratching anything, I’m like “yeah good enough” and just leave it haha. It’s horrible I know.

    1. What in the world would be the point of concrete supports on every single parking space? That is like the biggest waste of material in my mind. Maybe if you’re gonna scratch a door or damage something, it’s only going to be your vehicle? IDK. As for driving the huge ass mini-van, that is reason number 4,543 why I don’t drive a mini-van. I’ve written an entire post about my disdain for mini-vans. Does your mini-van have the beeping sound when you go to back up? That would be hilarious if it did!

      1. Lol the concrete beams have two parking spaces between them so it doesnt matter where you park, you’ll have one beam on one side of your vehicle. Its so lame. And yes I’ve read it! Hehe!! I loved it! And I hate driving them too! And no it doesn’t beep haha!!!

        1. God, that post is sooo old. I should reread it. Usually when I reread a post, I cringe. I’m like, “that really sucked”. Are you like that?

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