Free Adult Mad Lib

Free Adult Mad LIb

As a child I LOVED Mad Libs. Hell, I still love mad libs and try to persuade my sons to play with me when we come across one. I had this idea a few days ago to create a free adult mad lib. If this doesn’t suck, I’ll create other ones. If there is adult coloring books, we can have adult mad libs, right? I invite you to print this out and use it for shits and giggles with friends and significant others. Just replace the underlined word. Enjoy!

Today I Quit My Job

After drinking an 8 gallon drum of TYPE OF LICQUER, I decided it was time to quit my job as a/an OCCUPATION. Considering I was being paid in PLURAL ANIMALS and TYPE OF BABY FOOD, I had enough!

The day I quit, I decided to only wear TYPE OF UNDERWEAR to the office. This was the real me and I wanted Mr. CARTOON CHARACTER to see all of it! I thought, ‘screw it’! I’m going out with a bang! Just before leaving the house, my pet ANIMAL looked up at me and I didn’t know if he was thinking ‘EXPLICATIVE’ or ‘I want to hump that! Before he had time to decide, I ran out and jumped on to my trusty ANIMAL and sped off.

Mr. CARTOON CHARACTER FROM ABOVE, was out to lunch. I went into his office and sat my COLOR ass on his NOUN and waited. After about 20 minutes he returned, with a little bit of Condiment on his chin.

“Why are you only in your TYPE OF UNDERWEAR FROM ABOVE?” He asked.

“Because I don’t give a EXPLICATIVE anymore and I have something to tell you!” I declared, throwing my hand in the air.

I stood up and put my BODY PART(S) on his desk for drama.

“Listen up! I don’t appreciate being treated like CANDY! You’re as dumb as a SNACK FOOD! I would rather play SPORT with a team of RELIGIOUS FIGURES, then work 1 more day with you!”

For added drama, I then swiped my arm across his desk, knocking everything over, including his TOY.

I declared, “I quit this bitch! EXPLICATIVE you and EXPLICATIVE your stupid VERB!”

I walked out and for added drama, I knocked over the NOUN in the lobby.

Tomorrow, I’m applying to be a PROFESSION at a BUSINESS NAME.


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