In 2015, it was once suggested I start a blog because as a friend put it, “funny always finds me.”

‘A blog?’ I thought. ‘Do people still do that? What is this? 2003?’

But eventually I tried it and never looked back.

About Hot Mess

hip sackI’m a 40 something and really can’t accept aging. I’d botox the shit out of my face if I had the means. I also can’t accept that I have a 13 year old and a 10 year old.  The teenager is driving me to drink….more. Even my breathing is stupid to him. Oh well, at least the youngest still loves me.

Mr. Hot Mess is a brave soul, putting up with my shenanigans. Deep down, I think he likes it. Would he rather have a hot, sexy wife or a hilarious one that loves pranking……don’t answer that. Ignorance is bliss.

Royal Wedding

As you can see, I never take myself seriously.

I work full-time. I’m considered a soccer mom, though a reluctant one. I’ve been known to call their soccer uniforms, costumes for God’s sake! But know this, Hell will freeze over before I drive a minivan or make Pinterest inspired treats out of twizzlers and Capri Suns.

So why hot mess? Honestly I think it’s because I embrace imperfections and I want others to accept theirs.

You’ve found home if you have an inappropriate sense of humor, don’t take things personally and love to laugh! I might even throw in a few tips along the way!


Hot Mess








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