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It was once suggested I start a blog because as he put it, “funny always finds me.” ‘A blog?’ I thought. Do people still do that?  I put it off and put it off vowing to put everything in my books.

“Books?” you ask.

Yes, I’ve written 2 books because I have A LOT of hilarious stories to tell. I am in waiting mode now to actually do something with my stories. In the mean time, I continue to write and learn more and more on how to improve my writing without loosing any of the humor.

I once had an offer from a very old cowboy to help publish my books. He himself published a book about his love for his wife. Awwww…When I told him my books are funny because they are inappropriate, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and sternly asked in a much lower tone,

“Now there isn’t anything racy in there? Like sexual innuendos?”

I debated for a few seconds on how to respond since my writing is completely inappropriate. I decided to take the high road and not ruffle his bible pages.

“No, absolutely not,” I declared. ” Just some cursing because I am quoting someone who cursed,” I said sweetly. It was as if I had never heard a curse word and my virgin ears would fall off should one grace my ears.

His concerned look quickly turned to approval and he handed me his card. 10 minutes later I ripped it up, threw it in the trash and said “screw that”under my breath.

So where does the Hot Mess come into play? Honestly I think it’s because I embrace my imperfections and I want others to embrace theirs.

You forgot to pay the electric and it was shut off? It happens.

Can’t lose the muffin top? Me too!

Hate Pinterest obsessed, “attempt to be the perfect mom” women? Can’t stand them either!

If you have an inappropriate sense of humor, don’t take things personally and love to laugh…..you’ve found home.


Hot Mess



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28 thoughts on “About Hot Mess Memoir

  1. I LOVE your blog and wrote this about your guest post with Blair.
    That was so funny! I have an alternative t-shirt. She could have one in green with Mullingar Heifer on it. Her colleagues will think she is really into livestock and not get that it is an Irish snarky phrase “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, she has legs like a Mullingar Heifer”. Stocky but has nice ankles. 🙂

    1. First let me say thank you! I am so grateful that people enjoyed my story. It gives me a little shred of hope this current train wreck isn’t for nothing. Now, I have to know, where in God’s name do I get this shirt? You are right….so perfect! Do I need to raise funds to fly to Ireland for it? 🙂

  2. With thanks to Chatty Kerry for leading me to your blog … I am SO glad to have found you! I shall follow and then find more to read as I go along. Small brain, tiny attention span but I find my way 🙂

    1. Ha!!! That is awesome! Thank you for following. I love telling my stories and/or putting my perspective on things. I’m quickly finding I’m not the only hot mess in the world nor the only person that has dealt with some of my situations. Have a great Saturday Osyth!

  3. Next time a repressed old cowboy aims his disapproval at you like a pitchfork, say, “Fuck, no, I’m never racy. Crotchless panties are just healthier in the summertime. You know, breathable.”

    You were going to tear up the card anyway.

  4. Fucking hilarious is what I have to say!!!! I am here today via nod from “NO LOVE FOR FATTIES!” I am Annette from Annette’s place. Yup, that is me… yes….yup I am the famous one that conducted the interview that set *no love for fatties* blogger to stardom. lol……I am so funny! Oh, guess who I want to make more famous than her sisters mug friggen shots????? HUH???? Yes….yes…you and me girl…haha

    Seriously, I do want to interview you and I am here by recommendation. I like your writing style and your humor. I try to be funny but I can only smile and smile and laugh till I pee…..Yes yes that is me the girl with depends on at the comedy show….the one with the toilet paper sticking out of her skirt and her skirt is bunched up so you really get a look at those depends….lol

    Ok, seriously now…I am following you and I will get to know you via your blog and posts then I would like you to email me when you can. I will email you back when your interview number comes up. Which will probably be after the A to Z challenge. Or, end of april for final interview. I will send you questions via email addy you email me with closer to that time. I think we can put together a great collaborating of humor and throw in our book smarts and wow we have a best seller here. I hope you will concede to me and say yes….I am a bit pushy!!

    Until next time your new friend, Annette 🙂

    1. I am eating my single serving of pizza combos and drinking a glass of cabernet right now taking in your generous comment. How can we rocket this hilariousness to stardom? I’m down, just need to pick up the combo that just fell off the arm rest….God damn combo!

      1. Lol funny this will be great! I will be in touch. But, please be patient with me I have a few people that volunteered I need to do. I also have April all booked up with project challenge stuff. I do want you though….thanks alot! 🙂 I will be reading!

  5. How do you sign up for notifications ? Can you get them via email or through WordPress.com? This sounds like my kinda stuff. I enjoy writing inappropriate funny banter. I have most of it on my Facebook page though.

    1. OMG….I just now saw this. This is AMAZING! I need one! Thank you for sending. I’m so sorry I am late responding. I guess I don’t get notifications when people comment on my pages??

  6. Love it. I have a blog of a serious nature and I have often wished I could show my fun side more. So…….I started my new blog a few days ago that’s just for fun. I was planning on keeping it anonymous but then I thought, (with the help of my buddies) “Feck it! This is me and who I am. I can run my serious blog and the readers of that blog don’t have to engage in other blog.” Yes, I understand your reasons for being anonymous. I was the same. Which is why all my stories will have fake names. My true events will be twisted and exaggerated just a bit 😂
    Happy to have found you 🤗🤗

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