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Hot Mess Reviews House Hunters International

Oh my God, this has been a process, not gonna lie. But I’m not a quitter and I finally figured everything out. I have reviewed yet another House Hunters International in an attempt at vlogging. When I say I figured everything out, allow me to demonstrate what happened:

  • At one point my computer just locked up because of the software I was attempting to use. This is why I wrote a post on Buying a New Computer.
  • So my computer would be less likely to lock-up, I spent an hour and a half deleting files, pictures, etc.
  • In my massive clean up, I deleted all of my already edited comments for House Hunters. I had to start all over again.
  • Once ready to upload to YouTube, I then realized my software wasn’t registered and would have a watermark. I then had to purchase the software.


Let me say I love all things House Hunters but sometimes you get a very “special couple” or “special person” that you just need to address. Some of their requirements or comments are ludicrous yet down right hilarious. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

House Hunters International- Catching the Breeze

So what cha’ think? I think my next video will be about a Shaman who has a cool budget of 1.5 million dollars. No joke! Till next time! Cheers!


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30 thoughts on “Hot Mess Reviews House Hunters International

          1. It didn’t make sense because he would pull it out of no where and test the breeze. It was not hanging there being silent and still. Dummy if you move it, it will chime!!!! Why are there so many intelligent people on television?

  1. I love you so so much! OMG I understand the draw for living in Medellin, but don’t they know that’s where a lot of drug lords are? And why did he need those stupid wind chimes! Can’t he just feel the wind on him? And what if it’s not a windy day? Is he going to come back every day just to make sure he ALWAYS has a breeze? Seriously?!

    I love the condo they picked though haha. That would have been my choice as well.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you liked this! The editing ducked but making the video was a blast! And you are right about those damn wind chimes! What the hell!?!

      1. LOL even the guy showing the houses said he hated them. Seriously, so annoying. I don’t watch this show but whenever you mention it, I love it! Do many more of these videos lol

    1. Ah thank you so much! And that was the revised version of my comments! As soon as I get a laptop designed for video editing, I’ll be able to pump out more of these! Thank you so much for watching!

  2. I’m pretty sure I dislocated my jaw from it dropping so fast after his “open mind, closed mouth” comment and then had a giggle-fit from your commentary then on. Thanks for that!!

    1. OMG….I’m soooo glad. Yeah, the more obnoxious the house hunter, the better the video. I feel so bad for that woman. She doesn’t seem bad at all. In fact, she’s a God damn saint for putting up with him.

      1. He actually reminds me a bit of my dad. He can be an absolute prick to my mom and she just takes it. It’s a different generation I suppose… I don’t put up with it though and he knows it!

    1. Can you imagine living with that? I certainly can’t. To be a smart ass, I would have bent down and blown on the wind chimes in the apartment I like. “You want air? There’s your stupid air Dave!”

    1. Awe Suzanne, I’m so happy I could make you laugh! Maybe you should apply to be on House Hunters International. If you do, promise me you’ll look at the kitchen and announce, “I hate the color,” acting as if the act of changing the color is impossible. This is what most house hunters do.

    1. Thank you Em! I absolutely love when there are videos of bloggers so you really get to know what they sound like and their mannerisms. Thank you for subscribing! Your like my 4th or 5th. LOL! If you get a chance, check out my other House Hunters vido on there about buying a castle.

          1. I’m just self-conscious on video – I feel really uncomfortable watching myself. I could film something and never be able to watch it back or edit it, hahaha!

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