6 Ways to Be a Decent Human Being At Home

decent human being

Do you live alone? Perhaps you have no one to answer to except for yourself. Or like me, perhaps you have a spouse and children. It’s gotten to the point where some of the below happens, and all you can do is laugh. Check out my examples below and let me know if you are lucky enough to deal with it too.

How to Be a Decent Human Being At Home

Coke Can in the Sink

can in the sink....nice

Did you get that from Pottery Barn?

Oh this is my favorite, when someone places an empty coke can in the sink. I’m sorry, are we reusing soda cans now? I know when restaurants want to be all folksy, they immediately use their go-to method of folksiness- canning jars as glasses but this is on a whole new level. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, I immediately turn to my husband and oldest (the young one doesn’t drink coke yet) and ask if we’ll be reusing the cans this evening. If it’s trash, throw it away. Don’t be that person.





Keep Pressing the Trash Down

Why do people push the trash down to avoid taking out the trash? In case you were wondering, there isn’t a secret door under the trash that immediately opens to allow the trash to just go away. It will still be there. Then when I go to take it out, everything leaks and guess who has to clean it up? Me. Don’t be lazy!

Replace the Toilet Paper

toilet paper rollOk, now this one can be excusable under certain circumstances. Those circumstances being when I buy the mega-roll of TP that barely fits the holder. Occasionally we will leave the mega roll on the sink till it gets down to a circumference where we don’t have to worry about it popping up while your on the toilet and scaring the bejesus out of you (what is bejesus anyway? I probably didn’t even spell it right). But yesterday I found this and a normal size roll, sitting on the sink. You cold have changed out the roll while sitting on the toilet but apparently you prefer a more rustic feel of the bathroom. Hell, why don’t we just get rid of indoor plumbing and go with an outhouse?

If you use the last of the toilet paper, refill it. And don’t leave 1 square of toilet paper in an effort to avoid changing it. That doesn’t count.


Returning Things Where They Should Be

bread boxThis one cracked me up. I went to make myself a sandwich yesterday and stopped as I looked at the bread box with all the bread on the outside. I even opened it to see if maybe it was full. It was empty. So everyone made their hot dogs and sandwiches and found it too difficult to slide the lid open and place the bread back inside. Oh my God!






Hanging Up Your Coat

I’ve attempted to make this idiot proof and have obviously failed in this endeavor. I installed 3M hooks in the front room so everyone could just hang their coat if they found opening the closet too difficult. Why does everyone hang their coat on the back of a chair? What are you doing? Reserving a seat?

Flushing the Toilet After #2

It’s amazing the number of trolls that live at our house because when I ask who crapped in the toilet and didn’t flush, my children look at me like, ‘wait! We have a toilet?’ Both fight to defend their good name, citing alibis and offering to to have the turds tested for DNA. But it gets better. On more than 1 occasion, the toilet has turds and no toilet paper! Am I raising hayseeds?

So what do you think? What are other ways we can all be decent human beings at home?

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