Hot Mess & House Hunters International

House hunters

“My wife and I are medieval impersonators. Our budget is $900,000.”

A funny Pinterest meme?

No. This was actually said. I shit you not! Once I saw the first “castle” (yes, I said castle) they would be touring, I immediately grabbed my phone, giddy with excitement, knowing this train wreck was about to unfold on my television. AND IT DID!

I couldn’t stop laughing. When you watch the video, please make sure the room is quiet and you turn up the volume because my giggles are off the charts. Sorry, their oblivious behavior sends me into fits of laughs!

And did they buy it? Find out…..

OMG! This episode of House Hunters International was truly a little nugget. I’m glad I could share it with you. As HHI tours additional Roman ruins, I’ll try to video tape it!

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