A Formal Letter to All Neighbors With Christmas Decorations Still Up

christmas decorations

You’ll be able to download this post via the PDF below, should you wish to disperse to all neighbors who feel it’s appropriate to still have Christmas decorations up. I still have at least 2 neighbors who have decorations up and it’s not my problem you didn’t take advantage of the 50 degree weather the first week of January to remove. Now, we’re facing -40 wind chills Wednesday.


Dear Neighbor,

This letter goes out to you as a gentle reminder that you are past the time to take down your Christmas decorations. We understand that dates and deadlines are difficult to remember so please use this letter as a reminder.

Commencement of Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations may be applied to your dwelling on or after November 24th. The only exception is if you can prove direct lineage to Santa Clause or an Elf.

Removal of Christmas Decorations

Decorations should be removed on or before January 1st. It is understood that many suffer from a hangover on January 1st. Because of this, we have implemented an acceptable, generous grace period of up until the first week of January. Any time past that, is unacceptable.

Helpful Decorating Hints

  • In November, keep in mind that what you put up, you have to take down. Do you really want to staple that millionth light to the very top of your home, only to take down from a slippery roof in January?
  • Under no circumstance is it acceptable to leave your Christmas lights up all year around. Just not turning them on at night. We know you still have your Christmas lights up and can see them in the day. This is trashy.
  • Similarly to the last point, just because you no longer blow up the gigantic snowman in your yard, but left him to lay in your yard like a pitiful pond of white, you must remove him too.
  • It’s acceptable to leave a wintry theme wreath on your door.

If you cannot commit to removing your holiday decorations on or before the date listed above, please reconsider putting decorations up.

Thank you,

Your Neighbor

PDF of the above letter: Neighbor letter


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