Hot Mess Scams A Craig’s List Scammer!

Craigs List Scammer

I am so excited to bring this to you guys I can barely stand it. Yesterday morning I placed my son’s bunk bed on Craig’s List for $600 OBO. Here is a screen shot. Seeing that many of my former jobs have been writing product descriptions, I think I did pretty good:

craigs list post

About an hour after I posted this, I get my first hit! I specified communication via text only and that is how they responded. They said that due to their job they couldn’t pick it up but would pay me via PayPal and have a shipper come pick it up. RED FLAG 1! A few hours later, I got another “busy bee” who was too busy to pick it up but would send payment via a cashier’s check including, money for the movers. RED FLAG 2! That is when I had an idea and began work. I set up a fake text number and changed it on Craig’s List, sat back and waited. At 9:07 p.m., the first victim responded and here is what went down. Enjoy!

craigs list 1

craigs list 2


craigs list 4

This is when I was like, “oh shit, he wants the “cat” too?” I ran over to a sleeping Chichi, scooped up my Chihuahua and took her up to my son’s bedroom. My son followed me in my wake. Thankfully Chichi held still for a second as I snapped the pic you see in the text above. Chichi was obviously believable enough to be a cat because he moved on….

craigs list 5 craigs list 6 craigs list 7

craigs list 8


craigs list 9

craigs list 10 craigs list 11

This Morning

craigs list 12

And this is only the first day on Craig’s List peoples!!! I am elated with the thought of how many I am going to be chatting with.












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