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Since my previous post about turning the tables on a scammer, I have had several more scammers stupidly attempt to swindle me. The only people who have been swindled are the scammers who had to pay to have a fake cashiers check overnighted to me. I had one check going to McDonald’s while another one is addressed to Sheena Easton and going to Kroger Grocery Store. And once they see it’s been signed for, they lose all control and want you to cash that check NOW!

Here are 3 scammers

craigs text 1


craigs list text 2

Now, please note that this Einstein is corresponding to an email I created: [email protected]:

Craigs List Email

Now, I’m not particularly fond of the tone the first ass hole is taking with me. He didn’t use the magic word even after demanding it. His check when to McDonald’s to a Tangeray Lolita Miller.  This is the one we are going to fuck with the most. So, below are 3 responses. Please vote on which one you want me to send to him:

  1. Suggs, I never got a check. Just to make sure I get it, can you please send it to my summer home? The address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500.
  2. I know you are a con-artist. I will not be cashing your fake check. You have been scammed by a scammer. Going forward, do not attempt this again as you will be turned into the authorities.
  3. Listen up ass hole, you’ve been scammed.  I will not be cashing the fake check you sent to McDonald’s. Your English is horrible, your scam is old and you are a moron for attempting to scam me. P.S. Please learn the word please.

So which one folks? I’m partial to #3. It feels right. Let me know which one to send.

P.S. Signs of a Craig’s List Scammer

  • Your title is how they reference the product: Is the bunk bed $600, East Columbus still available?
  • English is obviously a third language.
  • They want to pay either pay pal or cashiers check. CASH ONLY PEOPLES!
  • They can’t come to your house and will send a shipper to pick it up.
  • They offer to pay more than it’s worth.



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