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These Craig’s List Con Artists had me checking my spam, purely for shits and giggles. Sure enough, several were awaiting my review. All came in after I posted Hot Mess Deals With Shoplifters. Regardless, I would like to review these comments with all of you. Come along on my comment journey……

Comment 1

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Your new iPhone 3GS? This phone came out in 2009. Are you in prison or something? Listen buddy, I’ll be real. You probably don’t want to brag about your “new” iPhone.

P.S. why are you surfing the internet at work? Your gonna get in trouble.

Comment 2

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And that’s the thing, you don’t need to know where I’m getting my information. It’s coming from my brain and you don’t want to see inside. Trust me! And what is this mission you speak of? Are you FBI?

Comment 3

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I’m glad you are cheerful to share your know-how here. And thank you for calling me your mate. I’m truly honored. BTW, what is your know-how? You didn’t post it in the comments and I wanna know!

Comment 4

junk message 5




Excuse me, lyrical genius for the tail I’ve weaved not being up to your standards. Suppose I add content? Suppose you don’t use the word ain’t.

Comment 5
junk message 6




Thanks dude! I thought it was tots rad too! You are the perfect package aren’t you? You do estate financial planning and talk like a surfer. Now let me ask you, do you conduct business on the surf board or do you have an office? Just inquiring for logistical purposes.

Comment 6
junk message 7




Stumbled over here? Are you drunk? Glad you checked things out and it meets your approval, but I have a bone to pick with you! You lied! Your not following me. I see no school education follower. Don’t butter me up just to let me down.


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