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At What Point Do You Really Diet?

When is the point where you aren’t just saying you are dieting but actually begin to eat healthy and exercise? I’m talking about that moment you don’t think about exercising but actually start exercising and continue to do it…..consistently. When is the breaking point? My breaking point came twice in my life when 2 idiots (2 separate incidents) asked me, “when is your baby due?”

Side note: I think 99.9% of you “get it” and know there are 2 things you never, ever, ever, ever, ever ask a lady:

  1. How old are you?
  2. When is the baby due?

The first time it happened I stood there stunned and shocked. I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t lost the baby fat of my first-born yet but I didn’t look “pregnant enough” where it was safe for someone to ask me when the baby was due.

“I’m not pregnant.” I said sheepishly. Knowing it was awkward for both them and me.

The second time it occurred, I was at a mall in the middle of nowhere. We were fitting my then toddler at Foot Locker when the salesman asked when I was due. Not wanting to relive what I had gone through a few years before that, I responded,

“August 28th,” not knowing if the dates even made sense based on my girth.

So what I’m asking all of you is this: If one of you could just ask me when the baby is due, we could really get this diet ball rolling.

My Truth About Dieting

I hate exercising. God….I hate exercising sooooo much! And I luv, luv, luv┬ábad food. I love the feeling I have after exercising, I just hate the process of getting there. I love downing french fries, steaks and cheeseburgers. I hate sweating and I hate the 1+ hours you lose between possibly getting to the gym, the actual exercising and the clean up afterwards.

And when I’ve had some semblance of an exercise routine, I’ve never, ever gone over and beyond. I am not a go-getter by any stretch of the imagination, just getting another lap in. I want to be, but I’m not. It’s hard, uncomfortable and being an adult is already difficult enough.

So what was your breaking point? Are you still trying to find it? Do you have any tips on getting the motivation to not only work out but eat healthy and eat smaller portions?

P.S. The ho’ in the stock photo I selected for this blog post can suck it. She’s the type that would walk into a store and ask, “do you have anything smaller than a 1?”

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15 thoughts on “At What Point Do You Really Diet?

  1. I have been on-again off-again with exercise this entire year (currently on my off-again regimen), so I don’t have an answer. I thought getting engaged would provide me with the needed motivation to get in shape, but with moving into the new house and working on my many projects, I’ve lost the drive to focus on me.

    I will say, the best way to exercise regularly is to find something you really enjoy doing. I played volleyball in high school and was in the best shape of my life because of it. Maybe try and join some sort of adult league through your YMCA or something. At least it would hold you somewhat accountable.

  2. I loved doing pilates in Korea but I’m not sure I would do anything like that here. It’s to expensive and I’d want to do it sans-wig which sucks. I was thinking of doing the 30 day planking challenge or 100 squats per day thing.

  3. I had my breaking point when I was getting ready for a night out with my girlfriends and felt fat/ugly/insecure in every single piece of clothing I owned. Every.single.piece. I cleared out my cupboards and my fridge that weekend and marched my ass into a gym that next Monday. I eat “clean” Monday through Friday (gawd what a douchey thing to say) and do an hour of CrossFit about 4-5 times a week. I still have a lil tummy and some chub rub but I’m proud of the changes and progress I’ve made and I’ve found that really helps me to stay on track- In my mind, I’ve worked so hard to be where I am and I’m sure as hell not going to ruin my progress!

  4. I don’t love working out. I have learned not to hate it. I exercise at home. I move my kitchen rug and rollout my yoga mat. I pull out my binder of short home workouts: a few yoga routines, some hand weight exercises, some ab circuits. I grab a shape or women’s health magazine and rip out the workouts. And I google exercises I can do with the equipment I have (5 lb weights a yoga block and a 5 lb ball .) and then I sort them into muscle groups. Every day when I follow my rules I get up and do 20 minutes of something. Later in the evening I do it again. Then the next day another different muscle group. Not perfect. But its something. And I can watch gilmore girls while I do it.

    1. Wow, you have this organized and down to a T! I am impressed! You are like the Martha Stewart of working out. I wish I had that type of motivation! I hope to get there!

      1. It really is not organized… Its cheap. I see stupid bodyboss ads on my Facebook and I am way too cheap to buy a program so instead I print off things that look like I won’t hate them. I find it very hard to start every day. But once I am doing it i like the endorphins. I am never going to be all “gosh I can’t wait to work out” but I am “oh warm muscles feel nice and Im trying to melt my insulation so I can do this”

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