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December’s Ass Hole Of The Month- Amos Mazzant

I’ve never had a featured ass hole of the month but after reading what I read today, I feel it’s necessary. He would have been November’s featured ass hole but given I just found out, he’ll do fine for December. Congratulations Mr. Mazzant. The Miracle for 4.2 Million Americans The government protects the hourly worker,… Continue reading December’s Ass Hole Of The Month- Amos Mazzant

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The “I Look Like Ass” Sales Pitch

Ok, everyone put your imagination caps on. The below is a direct result of my dilemma today. I want you to envision those cliche, AS SEEN ON TV ads as you read my sales pitch…. Voice over: What do you do when your out of coffee in the morning and wake up looking like a 100… Continue reading The “I Look Like Ass” Sales Pitch

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My Dog Is Killing Me Slowly

I’m going to be real, the rest of this article is really horrible and disgusting. You’ve been warned. In 2002 I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Sure, I probably had the lowest GPA walking across the stage but you know what? We’re all walking walking away with the… Continue reading My Dog Is Killing Me Slowly

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Ohio State University Attacker

I want a complete, fucking, do over for today. I say this because of the The Ohio State University attack today. Around 10 a.m. and before I knew about the attack, I had a missed call from my son’s middle school. “Damn it!” I said out loud. You always have these visions of your child sitting… Continue reading Ohio State University Attacker

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Shoppers That Annoy Me

I’m really not a complainer. I always repeat this mantra when posting things like this. Half the reason I post a list of complaints is because I’m guessing at least 1 person out there, other than myself, completely understands it and probably has a few more things to add. And I welcome all additions so after… Continue reading Shoppers That Annoy Me

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My Black Friday Padawan

My sons and husband are currently watching the Buckeye/Michigan game. Watching football to me is on par with watching 4 hours of CSPAN. I don’t understand it, I don’t want to understand it and I have no desire to watch. Instead, I will tell you how I took my son out for his first time… Continue reading My Black Friday Padawan

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The Past 7 Hot Mess Days

I guess I didn’t realize it till about an hour ago, the last week has been pretty shitty. Not to cry like a school girl but here you go…. Last Friday My husband is a proponent of getting our boys clothing that is better suited for folks that need to be cut out of their bedrooms… Continue reading The Past 7 Hot Mess Days

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How I do Black Friday- Part 2

Ahhh, Black Friday, Black Friday, how do I love thee? Yes, I’m one of those crazies out there and yes, I am unapologetic about it. “I can’t do the crowds….” “I don’t like scavenging……” “I don’t like shopping…..” Are you an AMERI-CAN or an AMERI-CANT? Exactly! So I left off in the preparation of Black Friday.… Continue reading How I do Black Friday- Part 2

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How I Do Black Friday- Part 1

As I look over to see my 100 year old chihuahua shitting tiny little dollops of poo in 5 different places, I try to block it with the anticipation of what Friday is. Let’s cut to the chase, I fucking love Black Friday. If someone came to me and said I had a choice of… Continue reading How I Do Black Friday- Part 1

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The List That Was Hacked

Earlier today I found out my Christian turned Muslim cousin had once again received notoriety in the world. Anytime I hear of a local Muslim woman making the news, I hold my breath till I confirm it’s not her. At the end of the day I love her and worry like any cousin would. A… Continue reading The List That Was Hacked