A** Hole Drivers

I feel well-versed enough on the subject of ass hole drivers that I will write about them. I spend approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes a day in my car, commuting to and from work. I eat breakfast in my car, put makeup on and hell, sometimes I even blog in my car (via the microphone).… Continue reading A** Hole Drivers

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Temper Tantrums

  My children have had their share of temper tantrums. I’ve tried to record a few of them and watch them every so often for a good laugh. Occasionally, they will join in and watch. As they look back, they think it’s hysterical. I have temper tantrums sometimes on a daily basis. Usually it’s internal… Continue reading Temper Tantrums

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Flights Aren’t Affordable!

When I was a kid and went on my first flight we dressed up. This was probably 1988. On the flight to Orlando we were served chicken and several sides. Obviously flying then isn’t what it is now. Fast forward to today and I’m like ‘how does anyone afford more than one plane ticket?’ I… Continue reading Flights Aren’t Affordable!

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Tweener Movies

Tweener movies and shows are THE WORST. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, THEY SUCK! I’m talking about such classics as: Lab Rats Jessie Kickin’ It Liv & Maddie All of the above are for the pre-teens, before they are sneaking episodes of Orange Is the New Black or Shameless on Netflix.… Continue reading Tweener Movies

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Hot Mess’s First Time Drunk

Here is a chapter out of my book I thought I would share with you guys. I was inspired by my son who took 1 sip of champagne tonight at dinner and declared he was drunk. So adorable. My first REALLY drunk experience was shortly after I turned 21. I had gotten painfully drunk on… Continue reading Hot Mess’s First Time Drunk

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And The Winner Is…..

Phil Taylor of The Phil Factor!!! We had a lot of great entries! I had a hard time choosing and I hate having to choose! For those of you just tuning in, I had a writing contest with the topic: What would you tell Oprah in 400 words or less. Here is Phil’s winning entry!… Continue reading And The Winner Is…..

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Guest Post- Hot Mess’s Son- Mrs. Smith

I am over the moon about this post! I FINALLY convinced my son to finish this post because I thought it was HILARIOUS. He had a middle school teacher that he described on more than one occasion with the personality of a wet poodle. Here is his brief take on Mrs. Smith. Enjoy! Mrs. Smith… Continue reading Guest Post- Hot Mess’s Son- Mrs. Smith

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Oprah Contest- The Next Group Of Entries

Hello all! Yesterday I posted the first group (in no particular order) of blog entries for my What would you tell Oprah in 400 words or less. Here is group #2. So what do you think? Who should get the $25 Amazon Gift Card. What Would You Tell Oprah? No Love For Fatties I would… Continue reading Oprah Contest- The Next Group Of Entries

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The Oprah Contest Is Over!

So a few weeks ago I posted my very first writing contest. In 400 words or less, you were to describe exactly what you would say to Oprah if you were to meet up with her and I was looking for a humorous approach. Because I try to avoid long blog posts, I am going… Continue reading The Oprah Contest Is Over!

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I Have A Secret

Some of my long-term readers already know this, but most of my new readers do not. From June 2015 to July 2016, exactly 365 days, I had the worst job of my entire life. I only took the job because my failed attempt of starting a .com business wasn’t bringing in any money to support… Continue reading I Have A Secret