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It’s Raining Weenies!

This isn’t a particularly long post but I felt I needed to share. It was a normal morning when I arrived at work today. Really the only difference was more fog then I had ever seen in my life driving in. Once in the parking lot, I grabbed my latte and my laptop bag and… Continue reading It’s Raining Weenies!

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My Sister’s Birthday

My sister’s birthday was February 1st but my sons and I didn’t get to celebrate with her till tonight. For the first time in the history of our adult birthdays, she had chosen a place to celebrate that wasn’t downtown or 20 miles away. She wanted to bowl but at a nice place. Ironic, right?… Continue reading My Sister’s Birthday

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Unshowered and Going on Hour 7 of Watching 4 Kids

I am watching 4 kids today and I don’t want it to end with my typical “I want to slit my wrists” response. I am telling myself to have a good day. My neighbor and friend for almost a decade text 4 friends and I at 4:30 yesterday that her husband is in Arizona, the school… Continue reading Unshowered and Going on Hour 7 of Watching 4 Kids

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Hot Mess Goes To A Basketball Game

I love when people use the phrase killing it. “Girl, you are killin’ it with your diet!” “I killed it at Christmas!” “I’m kinda’ killing it at my job right now!” As long as you’re not Amish, I’m guessing you probably know that means you were amazing at something. Unfortunately, as much as I want… Continue reading Hot Mess Goes To A Basketball Game

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Review Of 50 Shades Darker- Hot Mess Style

I have no idea how to fucking review a movie. I don’t know if there is an art or science to it. All I know is I am 4 glasses in to my black box cabernet, not counting the 9 ounces I paid $10 for at the movies. Since I was the DD, I was… Continue reading Review Of 50 Shades Darker- Hot Mess Style

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Zombies Versus The Dominant

This post is about as pointless as the post from yesterday but piggy backs on it. It will drive home the fact that I have no life and live vicariously through the immense amount of television I watch. No seriously, I don’t know if the amount of tv I watch is out of control but… Continue reading Zombies Versus The Dominant

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Ohio- She Has a Really Pretty Face

I pull up to the Starbucks drive thru. “Hey, sorry but this is going to be a long order as I am feeding a small orphanage.” I say apologetically. “Oh hold on,” a bubbly voice says behind the speaker. “Let me get a chair.” I laughed and appreciated for a moment how nice (and nerdy)… Continue reading Ohio- She Has a Really Pretty Face

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50 Shades of Hell Yeah…..

Let me say I am HUGE, HUGE fan of 50 Shades of Grey- all 3 books. Because of my long commute I have audible.com which I love so I can listen to books while I drive. Thanks to my ADD, getting through any book on my own is a challenge, reading the same page over… Continue reading 50 Shades of Hell Yeah…..

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Mohammed, I’m Not a Millionaire

One night after one too many, I thought to myself, ‘Hot Mess, it’s time to buy your domain. You need to buy hotmess.com.’ I had seen it available but had no idea what the current owner would want. Somehow I got into contact with a domain broker to inquire about my name. To my surprise… Continue reading Mohammed, I’m Not a Millionaire

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For people out there that don’t have kids you won’t understand my giddiness right now. I have been looking forward to this evening for the past week once I realized it was going to happen. Folks, all the stars have aligned! My luck is turning around. I kept waiting for something to go wrong today,… Continue reading I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!