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Schooling Myself On MLK

I like to keep things funny, real and often inappropriate, 95% of the time. Given today’s holiday, it’s not appropriate I talk about wine, ass holes or things that generally annoy me. If you are looking for wine, ass holes or annoying things, check back tomorrow. As a kid, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was… Continue reading Schooling Myself On MLK

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Pass Dat P****

Last night was awesome! I managed to score suite tickets for the second time in a week to see an OSU hockey game. I don’t even like hockey but if there is a suite involved, I’m game. My youngest-C, became ill earlier in the day so my husband stayed home with him while I took our… Continue reading Pass Dat P****

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The Biggest Ass Hole Yet

I was seriously thinking about making this person my January Ass Hole Of The Month but want to keep the Ass Hole Of The Month posts to topics more on a national level, that affects many. It was just a regular Friday. I needed to go to the restroom and passed through the hallway. I cam… Continue reading The Biggest Ass Hole Yet

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My Non-Existent Athletic Ability

When I was around 10, my very Italian, very Catholic father thought it be a good idea I be an alter girl. He had been an alter boy so why shouldn’t I be an alter girl? It was a fuckin’ nightmare in my book. For anyone that isn’t Catholic, please don’t bother. I’ll be real.… Continue reading My Non-Existent Athletic Ability

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Man Maid- Keepin’ It Awkward Since 2013

I awoke to my phone ringing at 6:10 a.m yesterday. It was the school district calling to inform us we were on yet another 2 hour delay, due to icy conditions. “Icy conditions? What the hell?” I grumbled under my breath then fell back on my pillow. Sleep threatened to take me back under till I… Continue reading Man Maid- Keepin’ It Awkward Since 2013

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How My Healthy Lifestyle Isn’t Going

I thought I was doing the “right” thing and announcing to the world, “I’m not going on a diet. I’m changing my lifestyle.” I vowed to take it extremely slow and not start out at an unrealistic pace. I have to be real though, it’s going about as well as Mariah Carey’s performance on New Years… Continue reading How My Healthy Lifestyle Isn’t Going

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Stuff I Hate To Do

Seriously, I am truly a positive person. If you remove the stupidity of Kenneth from 30 Rock, his demeanor is my overall approach daily. But I’ll be real, there is shit I hate to do. The below makes me roll my eyes and probably ages me by 24-36 hours. How about you? Am I just… Continue reading Stuff I Hate To Do

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Pet Peeves of the Movie Theater

Do I even have to list this out? When you are thrown in a large auditorium with strangers, after paying the same amount it costs to feed a family of 4 at Ruth Chris Steak House, there are bound to be issues. Concession Cost– I learned a while back that the cost of a movie… Continue reading Pet Peeves of the Movie Theater

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Deer Are D*cks

There is nothing that causes more anxiety for me than the possibility of hitting a deer. I would rather drive on ice, torrential downpours and/or a bus full of screaming babies, then run the risk of hitting a deer. I think it’s the fear of the unknown…oh and the fact that they can kill you.… Continue reading Deer Are D*cks

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Making 2017 My B*itch

2015 was a nightmare. Between being unemployed the first part of the year, being diagnosed with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia then working for a company that was on par with the prison in the movie Broken Down Palace, I couldn’t wait for the year to be over. 2016 receives a…..well….a meh. I was able to leave… Continue reading Making 2017 My B*itch