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I Exercised Tonight and it Sucked

Yep, that title pretty much sums it up. I exercised tonight and it sucked. I would like to think today is the first day of consistently working out but to put this in perspective for you, I haven’t worked out this much in 6 years. So to say I’m taking baby steps is an understatement as these are more along the lines of fetus steps.

Why? Because I worked out a combined total of 11 minutes.

But to my defense, I didn’t have shoes on and I suffer from horrible foot cramps, especially in my right foot. Sure, these would probably go away if I consistently worked out but again, fetus steps.

The First 5 Minutes

I found the perfect workout video on Amazon Prime. It was Sweatin’ Into the Oldies with Richard Simmons. Ok, I kid, I kid. After searching kickboxing. I found a beginner’s kickboxing. PERFECT! If you want to check it out for yourself, it’s included in Amazon Prime or just $3 if you aren’t a member:

By now my 12-year-old came in to watch the debacle that was about to take place. Great, this is the kid that has an hour and a half soccer practice, 3 days a week then 2-4 games on the weekend. He’s the perfect picture of athleticism and now he’s going to watch me kill myself, thanks to an Amazon Prime video.

“Weave and bob. Weave and bob,” kickboxing lady begins.

“Wait, aren’t we warming up with inhale/exhale?” I asked her. Sure, weaving and bobbing wasn’t too hard, but this is a beginners video so I want a beginners warm-up, somewhere along the lines of a corpse pose.

“Punch, pivot, punch, return. Punch, pivot, punch return,” kickboxing lady says.

“I can’t keep up,” I whine. “So many steps.”

By now the 9-year-old walked in. Equally athletic as the 12-year-old.

“Come on mom! Punch that ninja!” C yells at me.

“I can’t. Stop, you guys are being so tough,” I protest.

The Last 6 Minutes

Kickboxing lady starts into a side kick on each side. By now I want to quit and so I handle this uncomfortable situation as I do all situations, with humor.

“It’s like I’m at a ho’down,” I say as I begin to kick each leg out on each side while pushing both hands down in front of my chest at the same time.

“Mom! Stop,” P yells.

I get back into the groove of the workout, trying to stay serious. 30 seconds later I grow more and more frustrated. This was supposed to be beginners. This isn’t for beginners. Obviously I needed to specify that my fitness level was more along the lines of work 40 hours, commute 7.5 hours a week, blog every chance I get and lastly, drink wine.

“You’re the devil!” I scream at the t.v. C just laughs.

Alas, I had to stop. I could have gone longer but my right foot began to cramp and I swear to you I’m not lying. When I start getting spasms in the foot, I gotta stop. But I did realize I need actual tennis shoes that have support. I haven’t bought tennis shoes since 2012 and my Nike’s have 0 support.

So Now

So now I sit on the sofa, typing this out while my sons sit next to me. We are watching tiny houses and eating Samoans. I mean Samoas. We aren’t eating the people of Samoa.

“Mom, have you contacted your dealer?”

“No, I’ll do that tonight.”

My dealer he is referring to is 3′ tall, wears a green vest and can be found on many grocery store corners. She’ll even come to my door if I ask her to.

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31 thoughts on “I Exercised Tonight and it Sucked

      1. I haven’t been to the gym for while but I do enjoy it and wish I could go again.
        I guess you have to compete with yourself and do things you enjoy for a length of time you enjoy. Don’t make it into a chore.

        1. Your right. I tried a samba video last night (because of this exact philosophy) but kept tripping on my feet so moved to a hip hop video. Again, still tripping on my feet but I stuck with it for 15 minutes. Tonight I’ll probably go back to the kicboxing.

                1. It took me a second to realize you meant life! LOL! It’s good, it’s good! I will be so happy when February is over so we can welcome in Spring. It’s been a rough winter. You?

            1. It would be these hot firemen and I could totally picture myself apologetic. “I’m going to loose the weight. I’m going to start Sunday after I have a Fat Tuesday on Saturday.

  1. I’ve tried 1 kickboxing session and never again! That shit it hard!! Have you tried HIIT workouts? Those can be equally difficult, but I enjoy them slightly more.

    1. I’ve never been to a kickboxing class. Just what I watched in the video. I can’t go to a class where I can’t physically flop myself on the floor in agony before the next set. What is HIIT workouts? I can’t believe I’ve never heard of those before.

      1. High Intensity Interval Training. Each session typically lasts about 25-30 minutes, but you are working your ASS off! They are very customization based on your level of fitness. There are tons of them on youtube. Try one. You might prefer it. But fair warning: you will sweat alot!

        1. You had me at 25-30 minutes! I’m on it! I didn’t get much sleep last night so I’ll probably fall asleep around 7 but tomorrow morning, consider it done! Thanks for the tip!

      1. Well today was day 10 and I can now go lower than day 1 which makes a more impactful squat. And day 1 I spaced them out so much to be able to do them all. Now I can do 2 sets of 25 within 15 minutes of each other without really feeling too badly haha. Look wise, I’m not sure. I should have taken a before picture and/measurements but didn’t think of it when I started lol

    1. 100 squats? How are your bowls not falling out at 75? Ouch! That’s gotta be tough! Good for you! That is so good that you are starting off with 1 workout then adding another maybe next month!

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