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Well, Ikea is Wrong!

After a horrible flood a few years back, we are finally remodeling our basement again. Back in July, we bought a sofa from Ikea but it sat in our garage. Until now…. My husband and sons hauled it to the basement after the carpet was installed. My husband and my sister’s boyfriend put this monstrosity… Continue reading Well, Ikea is Wrong!

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Hot Mess Store

Ladies and gents I have an announcement to make. In about a week, I will officially launch a store section on my blog. Something I haven’t mentioned too often is I am a crafty mutha’ fucka’. I’ve sewn dresses, made jewelry and now making wonderful things for the house. Just in time for the holidays,… Continue reading Hot Mess Store

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Hedge Heaven

Let’s talk about interior and exterior design for a moment. Shall we? When it comes to decorating, I am all girl. I love pinks, florals, curves and pretty much anything romantic. When I die, I would like my coffin to be shabby chic, or resemble a tiny house. Which ever is cheaper, I’m flexible. When… Continue reading Hedge Heaven

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I Want a She-Shed!

Plain and simple. I want a she-shed. Now that Chi-chi has passed (God rest her soul), I am the only female in this house. I clean up piss from shotty aiming in the bathrooms. I find garments ranging from socks to underwear to shirts, lying on the sofa. After soccer tournaments, my stomach churns from… Continue reading I Want a She-Shed!

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Ikea Catalog Images…..With My Captions

As a reminder, I LOVE IKEA but after spending last night flipping through the catalog, I chuckled more and more as I saw the pictures. Some, well many are pretty ridiculous so it was my duty, nay, my obligation to add caption to them. A few are inappropriate so if you are easily offended, walk… Continue reading Ikea Catalog Images…..With My Captions

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Oh Ikea, How Do I Love Thee?

Very rarely do I ever classify something under the best things in life are free. Sure, my children are awesome and seeing them smile makes my heart skip a beat. But let’s be real, kids are definitely NOT free. Am I right? When people say they don’t shop at Ikea, they usually give you a… Continue reading Oh Ikea, How Do I Love Thee?

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