I Want a She-Shed!

Plain and simple. I want a she-shed. Now that Chi-chi has passed (God rest her soul), I am the only female in this house. I clean up piss from shotty aiming in the bathrooms. I find garments ranging from socks to underwear to shirts, lying on the sofa. After soccer tournaments, my stomach churns from the often 2-hour drive, inhaling just-removed soccer cleats. And the balls! There are balls everywhere, no pun intended. Soccer balls, footballs, riffle balls, golf balls. Normally they are being aimed at my legs in an attempt to kick it through them. I want to pick these f’ing balls up and throw them in their face.

Now it’s no secret, I did get my way in our bedroom, painting it pink. Perhaps a bit manipulative on my part but I told my husband the following:

“If we paint it pink, I’ll want to have sex more.”

But then we had kids and suddenly, there’s nothing sexier than sleep.

The Shed

We got the shed years ago on a massive sale….and have done nothing with it. I wrote a post about learning how to build stuff and here’s the shed and everything wrong with it:


That’s when I had the idea of making it a she-shed. When I asked my husband if he cared if I did, he said he didn’t care. In reality, this is what he was saying to me, “I’ll say sure because I know you’ll never do it.” So I wonder how much he will flip out when he comes home to find the most girly, feminine shed he’s ever seen in his life. Below are some of my favorites I’ve found on Pinterest. Which one do you like? Have you ever thought of having a she-shed? Or even a he-shed?

This one’s my favorite….






And you know what? Maybe this would satisfy my tiny house obsession. Perhaps once I got in and I was like, this is too freakin’ tiny, my obsession would go away. What do you guys think? Is a she-shed a good idea? And if you want to follow my She-Shed board, feel free!


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