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Let’s talk about interior and exterior design for a moment. Shall we? When it comes to decorating, I am all girl. I love pinks, florals, curves and pretty much anything romantic. When I die, I would like my coffin to be shabby chic, or resemble a tiny house. Which ever is cheaper, I’m flexible. When we were deciding on bedroom colors, do you know how I got my husband to agree to pink? I said I’d be more in the mood for sex if the room were painted pink. Ok, so that may have been a tiny little pink lie.

After visiting Versailles as a teenager and as a 20-something, I absolutely fell in love with hedges and topiaries. For anyone who is unfamiliar with a topiary, let’s go over to hedgescapes.com, to understand the 3 different types:

topiaryAnd if you are looking for anything topiary, hedges and even green walls, Hedge Scapes has you covered. I even had some fun as I ordered some super cute stuff. You ready to see my cute stuff? I don’t know if you can handle the cuteness! Ready? Ok!

My neighborhood used to be an apple orchard. That being said, all the streets are named after apples. Can you guess the name of my street based on my new wreath?


Isn’t it lovely?


This set of topiaries I picked up are so versatile. In my mind, I decorate with pieces that are flexible and can be changed from room to room or different places. Look at all the ways I can decorate with the topiaries…..

3 little topiaries

This allows for clean lines and makes my fireplace mantle look fresh!



My island needed a little foliage but not take up precious room.



Nothing like coming home and seeing this little guy gracing your entry!



This little fella adds just a little whimsy to the guest bath!



Adding a little topiary to my desk makes me smile while I blog!

My Dream Exterior

hedgescapes.comWhen I came across Hedge Scapes, I nearly fell off my chair. I would kill to have one of these walls in my home or some of the outdoor areas they have featured. Seriously, click on the link just above and check out how cool these green walls, the topiaries and hedges are. I really need to tell my husband that topiaries would get me in the mood because I really want a green wall in my living room! You think that would work? No? Well…..it was worth a shot!

But no seriously guys, if you’ve been thinking about a green wall, topiaries, shrubs, hedges or even an adorable topiary shaped like an elephant, check them out. It’s amazing because they can make topiaries into any shape you want. So if you want a topiary shaped like your ex, which let’s be real, that’s super creepy, I’m sure they would knock it out of the park for you. And…..with zero judgement.


As some of you guys may know, I flippin’ love deals and discounts. I never buy anything online without visiting Retail Me Not. If there is even a spec of dirt on shoes, I ask for a discount (which by the way, I scored a pair of shoes at Old Navy last night for $8 by doing this). But you all don’t have to do anything of the above! Hedge Scapes is giving you a discount! Go to their sister company, Silk Plants Direct, use the promo code BLOGGER10 and receive 10% off all products (except custom products. Sorry, no ex-boyfriend topiaries for you!). This offer is good until 8/27/19.

So tell me friends, have you ever decorated with topiaries? Hedges? Shrubs, like the ones at Hedge Scapes? What did you think of their site after checking it out? I think it’s pretty damn fabulous!





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