Oh Ikea, How Do I Love Thee?

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Very rarely do I ever classify something under the best things in life are free. Sure, my children are awesome and seeing them smile makes my heart skip a beat. But let’s be real, kids are definitely NOT free. Am I right? When people say they don’t shop at Ikea, they usually give you a reason and/or a timeline of when they did shop at Ikea. Which is really just a disguised insult. Don’t worry, we know you didn’t catch it. I hear things like…..

I used to shop there in my twenties ‘And obviously that’s when you stopped buying nice looking clothes too.’


I just don’t want it to fall apart. ‘Then put the fucking thing together appropriately and it won’t fall apart.’


It’s all too modern for me. ‘What are you Amish? Are you doing a Laura Ingalls Wilder look?’ Sure, a good portion of their stuff is modern but there is A TON of stuff that isn’t modern looking at all.

I digress. Yesterday, we actually got our mail the same day that the mail woman had dropped it off. I was so excited to see that hipster on the cover; rockin’ his Jesus beard, next to tiny little random loaves of bread. I have a love affair of Ikea. I repeat, I LOVE IKEA!

People who pretend to hate Ikea are the same people who lie and say they never eat fast food. I want to tell those people where to go and it’s not Pottery Barn. My Ikea furniture has held up amazingly well.Why spend the extra money if you simply don’t need to?  I am amazed even if I walk into someplace like Value City Furniture and an ottoman is $200! Are you kidding me?

If you want to buy an armoire at Pottery Barn, that would cost you $600+ alone and that’s just at the outlet. I know this because I bought one over a decade ago. Hell I can’t even afford Pottery Barn Outlet let alone the actual store. My best purchase ever was 2 armoires at Ikea for a grand total of $300!

To back everything I have said I have included a gallery of many of my Ikea purchases. Sorry, I didn’t stage my rooms for this blog. Enjoy!

P.S. Yes, my bedroom really is pink. I told my husband I would want to have sex more often if we painted our bedroom that color. Sorry….even today I can’t read that sentence without laughing my ass off.


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