My Craft Room is a Sweat Shop

Craft room

About a month ago, I showed up at work with this little nugget of a wine glass:

Weight watchers cupNo…I didn’t bring wine to work, I just wanted to show my co-workers my witty little cup I had made. My co-worker immediately ordered 3 of them.

Then another co-worker caught word of my arts and crafts talent and she too bought 3 glasses with different sayings. I decided this would be a good time to try a glitter stem and that went over really well. Word spread like wild-fire and suddenly my evenings were filled with making wine glasses, shirts, frames and mugs.

So I want to apologize for not turning out posts as I normally do or responding to comments quick. My craft room is a Goddamn sweat shop right now. I cringe thinking of the hours I’ve put in over the past 2 weeks. Initially, the goal was to have the craft room be a place of refuge, a place of relaxation. I even placed a long table in the center so I could have friends over and we could craft our brains out while drinking wine. Instead, over the past 2 weeks, I’ve found myself darting from one desk to another, pumping out product.

craft room

My craft room. Do you love it?

How Much Have I Made?

I hate charging people I like much more than the cost of the supplies. Half-way through all this crafting however, I realized I’d clearly undercharged. My friends/co-workers realized this too and many of them paid me much more than I asked which I’m grateful for. Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve made over $350. And honestly, I don’t know how I could have done my son’s and husband’s birthdays and Christmas without this extra cash.


I’d like to think I’m versatile with my merchandise. If you want me to put the words POOP on your wine glass, whom am I to judge? Here are some of the projects requested from one end of the spectrum, to the other over the past 2 weeks:

#blessed –> After this, I won’t care what I put in my mouth

Faith and Family –> She’s a stripper

Palms Up –> Who needs a fairy God mother when you can get fuckin’ wasted!

Because a dissertation –> Merry Christmas, Shitters Full

So as I FINALLY begin to wind down, I promise to be back blogging 100%. Writing is what I love most and I cannot live with out it.

Tomorrow’s post? Last minute Christmas ideas from the notorious Facebook selling wall. Get ready for an uber hot mess!





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