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After my good friend NC sent a screen shot of someone ridiculous, selling something ridiculous on our town Facebook selling wall, I knew immediately I had to request to join. A week later, I was part of the club. I had no intention of buying ANYTHING but only to get a good laugh.

Let me say this first. If you are going to sell your service(s), have the common sense to proof-read your post and correct misspellings. I am in complete disbelief at the mistakes, not to mention the nerve that one “seller” had, asking for a free car. All of the below are active and available today, should you want these items and/or hire the woman.

Bib $3

Just why? Why? Why would you take your time to photograph and upload a picture of a bib? Are you that hard up for money you have to sell a bib? Then you have to coordinate going to this person’s house for a bib. And you can find bibs anywhere.


Victoria’s Secret Items $5-$20

So I live in the same city as the Victoria’s Secret headquarters and warehouse. They have gigantic sample sales for the employees and I’m guess that is where this woman got these. What I’m concerned about is selling the sample sale stuff is grounds for termination so her stupidity is mind-boggling. Second, are you going to allow complete strangers to try the stuff on? I love the last sentence about helping out her friend’s brother in Texas. What kind of trouble is this man in that they have to sell underwear on Facebook?


VS Items

Life Size Sculpture $500

This ones a doozie. Never in my life have I seen something like this or thought it even existed. What kind of person buys this? I love that they blacked out Princess Leia’s private parts. And it’s beheaded, not deheaded. Also, why the question mark? Is it up in the air that she no longer has a head?

Princess Leia

Handy Woman

Oh my God, there are so many things wrong with this, I don’t even know where to start. You had 1 job and that was to string together 2 sentences. How did you screw this up? As a woman in a mostly male field, I would think twice about using the phrase “blow your mind”. Lastly and quite possibly the cherry on top is the carefully drawn picture…..on notebook paper. She didn’t even rip the page out of the notebook. Apparently her theme colors are pink, aqua and purple.

Handy Woman 2

Nursing Bra $7

This is gross, just gross. Gently used? You forgot to say, gently creamed in too. No matter how careful you are, there is a 99% chance you leak in your bra when nursing. This is on par with buying gently used panties. There are a few things that I feel should NEVER be resold and nursing bras are one of them.

Nursing Bra

Rooster $15

I’m just shaking my head right now. I don’t know anyone that owns hens and roosters. I know they exist but they are farmers and the Amish. Additionally, where this person lives is made up of mostly housing developments so where on Earth are they keeping these hens? I’m guessing a Facebook selling wall is not the ideal location to procure poultry.



I saved the best for last. I am not giving you a price next to the car because this woman has the balls to ask complete strangers for one. In what reality did she feel this was a solid plan of attack?  As for her “business”? Go 3 screen shots up and you’ll see. That’s right, this detail-oriented individual is the handy woman.

Handy Woman

If you haven’t joined a local selling wall, I highly encourage you to try it out. The junk people try to sell is absolutely breath-taking.


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