I Want to Learn How to Build Stuff

Build Stuff

I want to learn how to do build stuff. I know I’m not being very specific so allow me to elaborate. I don’t know how to fix shit or use power tools. They intimidate me and I have no idea where to get started. Just to give you a little background, you can read the following DIY posts to understand my lack of DIY:

Ill-Equipped To Paint a Mailbox


Hot Mess Home Improvement

diy gone wrong

The wall after I attempted to hang a floating shelf

Why I’m Intimidated

First of all, what decides if you need to drill into a stud or drywall? What the hell is a stud anyway? Up until a few years ago, I thought a stud was a hot guy. I’m guessing it’s just a stronger part of the wall?

Also, so many projects require tools that I don’t think a little manual is going to solve. I’d go on YouTube but usually it’s a burly man’s man who is like,

“Cut the 45′ blah-blah with the jig saw at about a 90 degree angle. Next, apply an apothecary to it to ensure it’s protected. You’ll want to sand the edges with a 5 millimeter gross grain sander……”

What Needs Done Around Here

There’s just so many dumb things that need done around my house. To many, I’m sure these things are super simple. For me, I don’t even know where to start. Take our laminate wood floors we installed 5 years ago. We never added the trim in many of the areas. Now in the kitchen the laminate is not only detaching from each other but moisture (I hate that word too) has found its way under so the laminate is bubbling up.

Our shed is the perfect example. We bought this years ago and again, never finished it. Let’s look at all the stuff that still needs to be completed.


Are there classes out there? I took industrial technology when I was 12 but I used to dread that class for so many reasons:

  1. Mr. Stone’s hands shook while operating the machinery. He was clearly suffering from something that made him better suited to be a Librarian.
  2. I always hated getting splinters.
  3. I always had worst case scenarios running through my head of losing my fingers.

I think another reason why I haven’t flung myself into home improvement is it takes a lot of patience. Like, a lot! I have a ton of patience when it comes to children or poor behavior. I have 0 tolerance for 1-2 hour drying times or any process that involves more than 1 process (i.e. clean something then sand it down, then spray paint it, wait for it to dry then paint it again). You know why I never, ever paint my nails? I don’t have the patience just to sit there and wait for them to dry. I have too many things to do.

I get so damn jealous of HGTV designers/builders. It drives me insane. How many times have you heard something along these lines:

“I found this amazing metal trash can at the flea market. I sanded it down, painted it, added electrical and now it’s a lamp!”

Or they easily install a beautiful back splash and I’m like, “why can’t I do that?” So I think I’ll look for some home improvement classes. I have no idea where to start. And honestly, half the reason I don’t know how to skate or dive is because again, I have 0 patience. I get impatient when you have to start with remedial things such as learning to hammer a nail.

I know, I know, baby steps! But I want to sprint!



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