Food Diary of a Cheater

food diary

I got cocky with my weight loss and fell off the wagon. Well, I wouldn’t say “fall off the wagon” per se, more of a tuck and roll, careening down a canyon while picking up speed after each roll. Saturday for example, my sister, son and I tried out a restaurant called Dirty Franks. It’s a delicious, cool little hot spot down town that focuses on hot dogs. My meal? Oh Lord, I’m embarrassed:

dirty franks

  • Tater tots (both plain and with bacon bits)
  • Little Cream Soda (alcoholic)
  • Loaded Potato Dog
  • The Octodog (Carter ate the mac-n-cheese while I ate the wiener) because how could I resist this cutie-patutie dish?


I will say I’ve lost around 10 pounds. My jeans are falling off my ass and in lieu of 3 muffin tops I only have 1. It’s amazing how just a few changes, have had a great impact including:

  • Using skim milk in lieu of 2% in my latte.
  • Ensuring only a tablespoon of vanilla syrup in lieu of a free pour in my latte.
  • Removing the afternoon coke.
  • Remove my late night snack (usually).
  • Exercise 1-2 times a week.

Let me be clear, wine doesn’t count. I do not count wine points. That’s inhumane and shame on Weight Watchers for suggesting this course of action.

As I ate lunch today, I had to laugh at how I cheat on my diet. I’m not ashamed because I’m guessing I’m not the only one. It’s not like I’m trying out for American Ninja Warrior nor will I be attending the Arnold Classic. I’m slowly getting back on the wagon but for now, here are a few things I’ve been known to do.

Food Diary of a Cheater


I hold the tablespoon out to accept the vanilla flavoring for my latte. I “accidentally” let the flavoring run over to where it’s about 1.5 tablespoons by then.


Prepare a 310 calorie spaghetti with meat sauce lunch then top it with about 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese.


Stacey’s Naked Chips states that 10 chips equal 4 points. When I pour them out on a napkin, I begin to put broken chips together to make a full chips. By the time I’m done, I have a chip the circumference of a rice crispy treat x’s 10.


If it’s fat-free sour cream, I laden it on my meal like it’s water. And when it comes to protein, no one ever said who’s palm we are measuring against so it’s at this time I choose the palm size of Goliath or an NBA player.


Please see my philosophy on wine.

Now I want to hear from you guys. How do you cheat on your diet? Or do you have the will-power of a priest?





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