Los Angeles- Day 3- Wilson is a Volleyball!

Los Angeles

If you want to read about day 1 & day 2 of Los Angeles, those are the links! Today we decided to go to Venice Beach, just .5 mile away. The boys have seen volleyball nets everywhere and have wanted to play sand volleyball so I vowed to get them a volleyball.

“Mom, there’s a Target just 6.2 miles away. We could get a ball there,” P said.

“Yeah, but we have a little problem called no way to get there.” I said.

Then I had the best idea on Earth, like it was amazing! I downloaded the Amazon Prime Now app and confirmed that Marina del Rey is within the Prime Now area. For anyone that doesn’t know Prime Now, it’s pretty cool. It’s same day delivery, sometimes even within an hour. I would have a volleyball brought to our hotel. I saw a listing for Wilson and immediately clicked on it. It was a done deal and I’m now mom of the year.

Around 10 a.m. I clicked on the Prime Now App to see where Miguel was with our package. That would be our delivery person. I then clicked on the item again and was shocked.


“Wait a minute! That’s not a volleyball!” I turned my phone to my sons who put the ping-pong paddles down to look. “That’s a soccer ball! But I ordered a Wilson!” I whined.

“Mom! What the heck?” P demanded.

“It said Wilson! Wilson is a volleyball! Wilson doesn’t make soccer balls!”

“Yeah they do, they’re internationally known for soccer balls,” P informed me. This was the first time I’ve ever heard this.

“Look, when Tom Hanks was stranded on the island, Wilson was a volleyball, not a soccer ball. I saw Wilson and immediately thought I was getting a volleyball. Damn it!”

They were so mad at me. I was so mad at me. I threw away $8 between the delivery charge and tip when I thought I was being a resourceful bad ass. In reality, I was being a dumb ass.

The Burn

sun burnI am the sun screen nazi. It’s not uncommon for me to slather on 100 spf and reapply my sons’ sunscreen every hour so this evening as I was typing out this post, I was frustrated to find I had missed just 1 section of my arm making me look like a complete freak. It’s literally like a rectangle on my arm.

Forgot to Mention

On the first day when I broke down and bought Adidas shoes with boost (amazing I might add), I played my “dumb Ohioian” role in an effort to get my sons and myself free tokens for the token machine to score free Adidas Coachella stuff.

“We just flew in from Ohio and this was the first place my sons wanted to come. We don’t have anything like Adidas in Ohio.”

I’ve noticed the more you seem deprived and gush over how amazing life is where they are, the more you get. And it worked. Before even buying anything, the sales guy handed us 3 tokens. But it didn’t stop there. Not only did he give us Coachella hipsacks with festival essentials inside, he asked P if he wanted a bucket hat too. Here are the boys in front of the token machine:













I know I won’t ever be able to rock a hip sack so I figured I might as well have some fun with it. P took this picture of me:

hip sack



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