Los Angeles- Day 2- The Supreme Store

Los Angeles Day 2

You ever go into a store and either one or all of the staff makes you feel like you don’t belong there? Like you are the nerdy middle schooler trying to sit with the popular kids and though you do acquire a seat with them, it’s at the end of the table and everyone’s back is facing you. That was us at the Supreme store yesterday.

My 13-year-old has had a dream of visiting the Supreme store since November and yesterday, my cousin F and I fulfilled the dream by taking him and my 9-year-old there. We had heard stories of massive lines outside of the store to get in. How once you got in, the only thing left to purchase would be a key chain. To my enjoyment, we rolled up to empty stantions (those are the dividers to form a line) and began to make our way past 4 what? Bouncers? I don’t know. They all wore black, had a combined total of 400 tattoos and were engaged in conversation with each other until we attempted to pass the threshold.

“Nope,” five o’clock shadow said. “Have to wait in line.”

I looked at the non-existent line then back at him. I didn’t want to cause a fuss so I said, “come on boys,” and stood next to the stantion.

“No, get behind the tape,” he said. Supreme2

This was getting ridiculous. There wasn’t even enough people in the store to say it looked like Black Friday. We could have easily gone in and shopped. Regardless, we did what he said and got behind the tape.

behind the tape

It’s Our Turn

When 4 people left the store, clearly tourists, five o’clock shadow walked up and opened the barrier.

“Oh I get it, X amount of tourist in the store at a time. That’s good,” I said. To say his grin at my joke registered as a grin would be a lie. He didn’t find it funny nor cute. This offended me as I wasn’t the ass hole guarding a store decorated by cinder blocks that will just be another Ed Hardy in 5 years. I gave him the finger in my head.

Once in side, the starkness overwhelmed me. I’ve seen Goodwill stores decorated nicer then this. It was like a garage sale, but with a skating thingy in the back. No ambiance, no pictures, just some pipes with a few shirts hanging on them and some skateboards. I made it a point to take this selfie with C so you could see the ass hole in the background along with the other “too cool for anyone” attitudes that barely let us in.

ass holeI couldn’t stop giggling as this shit was ridiculous. My son would later tell me there was a sales associate just standing there with his arms crossed. When he asked how much something cost, the sales associate’s response was,

“go ask customer service.”


I feel bad for P. He was really looking forward to checking out this store and these ass holes let him down. I’ve been in retail for years. I live in the same city of the corporate offices of Victoria Secret, Express, Bath and Body Works, Abercrombie and Fitch and many, many more fashion brands. Even worked many years at one of them so caught on to a thing or two. And if they think this is a sustainable, long-term set up, they are sorely mistaken. With regards to customer service, I have 3 words for you Abercrombie and Fitch. They are set to close another 60 stores this year, according to CNBC.

Here is one more picture of this debacle for good measure.



The Rest of the Day

  • We ate at In and Out Burger for the first time and it was really good. When she said $15.99 for all of us, I thought I had misunderstood her and thought that was just for mine. I was elated.
  • We saw Kevin Bacon in a convertible. My sons were like, “who’s Kevin Bacon?” Fred and I managed to come up with 2 movies he was in.
  • We saw the house of a Saudi prince that was built for the bargain price of $120 million dollars.
  • We saw where the Kardashians went to high school. Thank God! I can die a happy woman now. Just kidding God. God that was 100% sarcastic. God, under no circumstance are you to take that statement seriously. I would die unhappy. I don’t care where the Kardashians went to school. Let me live!
  • Because pot is legal, I think I smelled it about 4 times.
  • F picked us up next to the Scientology building where followers were outside, handing out pamphlets. It was surreal when you looked inside. It was a bright, cheery welcoming center. After P learned it was a cult, he asked if he could go inside. I looked at him as if he had 2 heads and said he better NEVER ask that again.





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