Are There Blondes in Syria? My Ancestry DNA Results

Blondes in Syria

Last night I frowned at my 999+ emails in my yahoo in box because apparently Yahoo gets lazy and refuses to count after the 999th email. After deleting all but 64 emails, I then went into my trash to unsubscribe to many of them. When I came upon the ancestry emails I almost shit my pants as I saw the following subject:


I cupped my mouth, “oh my God! My Ancestry DNA results are in!” I said to my husband slightly muffled by my hands.

“Nooooo!!!” He said shocked.

This was weeks too early. I hadn’t planned on seeing the results till at least February 9th given the timeline they have posted on their website. Not gonna lie, my heart was beating a little faster. This is it. Am I really who I think I am? Some of you may recall I posted what I thought I would be in Hot Mess Predictions for 2018. Here is how I thought my ancestry results would play out:

  • Italian 38%
  • Irish 20%
  • German 30%
  • Greek 4%
  • English 6%
  • Swedish 2%

The Actual Test Results

Ancestry DNASo the solid dots indicate results from my DNA alone. The dotted dots indicate that I was also a match with family trees, tieing me to a specific region of the part of the world. Folks, not going to lie. I’m VERY shocked. It explains some things and it explains nothing. I thought I was Irish. Considering my mother and sister are red heads I seriously thought that was a pretty good indication I was Irish. And I guess technically I am given the below “low confidence regions”. Basically these are the trace left overs of where I came from:

ancestry low confidence

Where the fuck is the Iberian Peninsula? Where is Caucasus? Isn’t that an election thing? Anyway, I digress. Here are my initial comments on each of these:

Europe West

Europe WestI knew a good chunk would be German but I didn’t realize how big. I love everything French so a part of me hopes that some smattering of this result is French.





ScandinaviaThis would explain my love affair with Ikea, Swedish meatballs and the show Vikings. I’m happy about this and want to learn more.



Middle East

middle east

This absolutely shocked me. Never in a million years would I expect the results to come back with middle east. How did that happen? This leaves me with a TON of questions because I have no idea when and how this played a part.




Southern Europe

Europe SouthThis disappoints me. I wanted it to be more. And the irony is I have documentation that my relatives came over from Italy. I looked at my great grandmother’s passenger list from 1914 last night!




Great Britain

Great BritianI am extremely pleased with this and I’ll tell you why. Since starting out blogging, I’ve met and befriended an amazing amount of Brits! They are absolutely wonderful and now I can even say I’m 8% British!!



I Joined

Well I signed up for the 2 week free trial so I have 2 weeks to answer questions. I don’t want to pay the monthly fee so I need to get questions answered within the next 14 days. As I took my 12-year-old to the bus stop, I was in my own little world (no pun intended) just blurting out random questions I had. Occasionally I would make a point.

“Well that explains why I love Ikea.”

“I mean, how did the whole Middle East thing happen? Your aunt said that if you are connected to Southern Italy, it’s common for Middle Eastern decent to show up.”

“I know! I have a Syrian co-worker. I’m totally going to ask him if there are blondes in Syria.”

My son finally broke my state of endless babble.



“Don’t do that!” He protested.

“Don’t do what?” I asked, confused.

“Ask your co-worker if there are blondes in Syria!”

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