5 Reasons the McDonald’s Double Drive-Thru Lanes are Stupid

McDonald's Drive-Thrue

Although the title is about McDonald’s Drive double drive-thru, really this list is about any fast food restaurant that thought this would be a good idea. It’s not a good idea, it’s stupid and it gives me anxiety. And if I have anxiety about it, I can’t imagine the anxiety it induces for the employees. Now, if there are anyone field associates that think this is a spectacular idea, I’m all ears. And notice how I said field associates? That’s code for, if you work inside the corporate office of one of these companies and have never had to deal with this setup, I don’t wish to hear from you. Let’s get started.

5 Reasons the McDonald’s Double Drive-Thru Lanes are Stupid

The 2-Car Distance Person

There’s always the ass hole that feels they need to keep a 2 car distance between him and the car in front of him. Like we’re on the highway or something and suddenly the car in front, is going to slam on their breaks, going 1 mph. You have essentially thrown off the entire system because the cars behind you aren’t in the position they need to be.

Drive-Thru Lane Ditcher

You always get the person that gives zero-fucks and doesn’t understand the process of taking turns after completing one’s order. Either that or they’re oblivious. In lieu of noticing how one car from each line pulls forward, they race to get ahead of you.

They Doubled the Lanes But That Was All

If we have any former/current fast-food employees, now’s the time to speak up. From my vantage point, I don’t see where there was an additional register and employee implemented. You know, to cover this dual lane. Am I wrong? I want to tell fast-food restaurants that dual lanes aren’t like roundabouts (these give me anxiety). It’s not going to speed up the process. If this was their goal, they’ve blown it.

No Matter What, I Will Pick the Wrong Line

If both lines are even, I’ll then look at the cars in front of me and assess each vehicle and the number of passengers. This strategy has about a 32% success rate. If I must decide to fall behind either a mini-van or a smart car with one person, I chose the smart car. What usually happens is the smart car is a grandmother who is bringing her 8 grandchildren fast food. The minivan has a fatigued dad who just wants a cup of coffee.

Fast Food Drive-Thrus Usually Abandon Their First Window

How many times do you place your order on the intercom, only to be told to pull forward to the 2nd window? You drive by the first one to find it’s been transformed into a storage room. Tumbleweeds are blowing by and perhaps there’s a taped-up sign enticing you to try an Arch Deluxe.  Again, I don’t think the logistics were planned out or the fast-food annual turnover rate is around 150%.

All this being said, I feel like a fat-ass right now and have vowed to eat and drink less and exercise more. I should not be seen at any fast food locations until I can get my fat rolls in check. Closing my eyes disgusted yesterday when I looked down at my phone, remembering I had downloaded the McDonald’s app. I need to delete that along with my Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Little Caesars app.

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