A Gender Reveal That Leaves Me Shaking My Head

gender reveal

I’m pretty lucky because I have a lot of great friends. I enjoy being them and several are pretty damn smart. One of them, text me today with a blog post idea that is right up my alley. If something leaves me shaking my head, I know I must write about it. For example, I wrote about Thinx- reusable period underwear. And I didn’t stop there and wrote  Thinx part 2. WTAF?

Gender Reveals

In 2004, I was ahead of my time (or at least I’d like to think that), hosting a gender reveal party. It was more of a dinner with the sex of the baby written on our kitchen chalkboard, covered by a piece of posterboard. I was ridiculed by a few family members, told I was going overboard but I didn’t care. For things like this, I do like to go out of my way.

Fast-forward 15 years and gender reveals have become lavish, expensive affairs, often recorded. There are choreographed dances and special effects used. When I watch these videos, I pay close attention to the dad and his facial expressions. I want to know if he’s as bat-shit crazy as the mother, or looks like an empty shell of a man.

Instagram Gender Reveal

So I want you guys to watch this video then my analysis is directly below it.

shocked eddie murphy GIF

Sorry, I couldn’t resist adding a WTF gif.


I’m asking you, WTAF? There is no amount of therapy that will fix her kid after seeing this and the kid will see this. I’m sure she’ll name her kid something incredibly artsy like Thumbtack. And in 10 years, Thumbtack will be playing with his friend Jack when Thumbtack overhears Jack’s mother whispering to another parent,

“That’s the kid who’s mother farted the blue powder on YouTube.”

Confused, little Thumbtack will go to bed that night and quietly turn his IPad on to YouTube. He’ll query GENDER REVEAL FART and see his half-naked mother on the screen. And that’s the other thing, it’s emotionally damaging enough to see your parent naked, let alone farting colored gas.

Where Are the Dads?

Was this an immaculate conception? Where are the dads? Normally at a gender reveal party, there are men present. This party had 3 in attendance. Obviously it wasn’t a question of modesty because you’ve steamed rolled over that concept several times by not only farting the gender but then posting the video for God and the world to see.

Look, I don’t know who this girl is and how she is remotely famous. But honestly, I don’t care if she was Mother Teresa, the Queen of England or Michelle Obama, this crosses lines on so many levels. And true, she is rolling around in the attention, likes, repostings and media but at the end of the day, none of that will matter to Thumbtack when he sees this.

I stockpiled diapers before my second son was born. Perhaps this gal may want to stockpile cash for the needed psychiatrists’ visits.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Reaction GIF by BBC Three





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