What the F*** is this? Thinx- Part 2

She Thinx

Well my last post around Thinx was so successful and left everyone pretty much wondering the same thing as me- WTF, that I have decided to have a part 2. This video  and afterwards I would love for you to ponder the below questions. Get back with me if you have anything remotely close to an answer.


  1. Why?
  2. Really? An IV bag filled with blood?
  3. I want to see that white cube after an 8 hour workday. Additionally, if these panties are for “real women” why do we have an 80 pound model as the subject? BTW, she must have one hell of a Esthetician to be sitting there all cross legged and not have that 1 stray pub peeking out like, “Surprise! It’s me!”
  4. Why?


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