I Started a Podcast!


I did it! I’ve finally taken the plunge and started a podcast! Be patient though because it’s a work in progress and sounds pretty rough. Why?


Actual headset I am using.

  • I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.
  • My recording booth is either my front room or my basement.
  • The microphone and headphone I am using is actually my 10-year-olds gamer headset with mic.
  • I am teaching myself audio editing as I go. Considering I have the focus of a sugared-up toddler, the learning isn’t going so well.

Anyway, I wanted to challenge myself with podcasting and have been wanting to try it out for a while. A part of me wanted to wait till I knew everything I could know about podcasting, learn audio editing and really fine tune everything but I know me and if I wait till the “right” time, I’ll never do it.

My goal is to have no less than one podcast a week and here will be the format:

SMH News (shake my head)

I’ll discuss stupid or hilarious news I’ve found. So far, I’m just doing 1 story but considering 2 or 3.

Main Focus (I want to change the name of this, work in progress)

This will be where I discuss the main topic. My first topic was about the man cold. I loved doing that post so I thought I would incorporate that into the first podcast. The second podcast covers the ridiculousness of a product called Thinx.

Domestic Tip of the Week

Since I hate to cook, work full-time and attempt to parent as best I can, I know there’s a bunch of other people in the same boat. This is either a time or money-saving tip I offer to listeners.

In the coming podcasts, I want to have a section that will be called Ass Hole of the Week but for now, I’m trying to get the lay of the land with everything else. I want to keep these podcasts brisk, just 20 to 30 minutes. This time allotment could change but I know people are busy and attention spans are short. In a few days, I hope to have my podcast accepted on Itunes. It’s been accepted on Spotify and can also be found on Pod Bean. I think there are other pod cast services but I’m learning. I’m also going to figure out how to offer my podcast on my blog.

I’m so very excited for this! I know it could fail and I know it may suck. I just wanted an additional challenge in the realm of blogging. This obviously was a good next step!

I hope you check me out! You can find my podcasts here:

The Man Cold Episode 1

Thinx Episode 2

Subscribe! Listen! Tell me what you think! Happy Wednesday!


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