Ferrets Would Make Better Weather Forecasters

Last night, I did something I will never, ever, ever do again: go to the grocery storm the day before a massive winter storm. The parking lot was 100% full and upon entering the store, 15 checkout lines stretched to the middle of the aisles. As I entered the bread aisle, I thought about saying fuck it, leaving my cart and running out. In my 42 years, I have never seen the grocery store as busy as it was, you could barely move. I decided to forge on as we were out of everything and who knew when we could get out of our neighborhood after the snow came.

The winter storm warning was from 4 a.m. today to 4 a.m. Sunday and we were slated to get 8″-13″ inches of snow and up to an inch of ice. Our electric company sent out how to prepare and to expect massive power outages. Salt trucks were every few miles. We were gearing up for the storm of the decade.

7:30 A.M.

I woke up and leaped out of my bed. If the warning was for 4 a.m. we would definitely have snow. I pulled the curtains back to find absolutely no change in our weather.

‘The storm must be late,’ I thought. I put my slippers on and went to make coffee.

9 A.M.

‘Surely all the forecasters can’t be this wrong,’ I thought. I looked down at my phone to see at least 6″-8″ was still expected.

Somewhat aggravated, I made the following meme and posted it everywhere:


The Afternoon

About 1 PM and no snow. Again, how can you be this wrong? Memes began to circulate all over the place…..

And yet, the local Meteorologist still stood by their forecast. But the public responded with sarcasm:

Finally, at 10 PM, we got hit with freezing rain then snow. The winds picked up and before you knew it, we were having borderline blizzard conditions. I think we are all pissed because they ensured we would get sooo much snow and it would start at 4 a.m. on Saturday. All of us prepared for it because they named the storm, told us how awful it was going to be and then to get nothing but rain, all ay Saturday was ridiculous.

So yeah, the snow came but almost a day later than predicted. We are under a level 2 snow emergency. I think Central Ohio is pretty pissed off by the lack of preciseness these forecasters have. If we have a winter storm next weekend, I’m not doing a damn thing to prepare.





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