Mr. Coffee & I Reunited! The Best Last Minute Gift for the Coffee Lover!

Mr.Coffee and I Reunited0

So how’s everyone’s Christmas shopping doing? I’m 90% done but as of this morning, I was only at 75%. Thank God for Amazon Prime, am I right?

So 2 weeks ago, you guys may remember that Mr. Coffee passed away and left me coffeeless and sad. I had quoted that this happens about every year around Mother’s day but at least this year, Mr. C lasted till December.

But I didn’t stay widowed for long. Mr. Coffee’s family (aka Mr. Coffee’s corporate office) reached out to me and offered to send their newest coffee machine:

Mr. Coffee® One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Mr. CoffeeDoes this thing make tacos?

Yes it does.

Does the machine turn down my bed each night and leave a mint on the pillow?

Count on it.

Will it make me skinny?

Hell yeah!

Ok, you guys know it can’t make tacos, turn your bed down or make you skinny but damn, this thing can turn your kitchen into a coffeehouse. Now I get that they sent it to me and I was under no obligation to write about it. If I didn’t like it, I would have done what my mother taught me and not say anything at all. I can confidently vouch for Mr. Coffee and want to tell you about why it’s the best gift on Earth for any coffee lover.

The Unboxing

Though my sons said they wanted to “learn” how to use the new espresso machine, what really happened was I unboxed it alone while they played an obnoxious game of indoor basketball…right next to the kitchen table. This kind of game honestly leaves you dead inside between being hit on the head twice, the fighting and the trash talking. After 10 minutes, I convinced them to quit acting like vikings and sit down.

Patience of a Toddler

When it comes to new, shiny objects, I have the patience of a toddler. So to my delight, there’s a quick start manual. If Aunt Brenda wants a latte Christmas morning, you can be up and running in minutes. I will say that I did something I’ve never done in my adult life and actually washed all the reservoirs before using. Normally, I leave it to chance on whether I’ll develop a new plastic allergy or herpes from not cleaning a kitchen appliance before use. At this rate, maybe by the age of 50, I’ll actually pay bills on time and not when I receive the final notice.

What Can This Machine Do?

Mr. CoffeeThe Mr. Coffee Coffeehouse machine allows you to select either straight espresso shots (if you want hair on your chest), lattes and cappuccino. You then can either select single or double espresso shots. They call it a one-touch coffeehouse machine because that is simply what it is. You can have multiple drink options by pressing a button.

But my 2 favorite things about this miracle? Mr. Coffee froths the milk for you! Do you know how many days of my life I’ve spent frothing milk? Probably 47 days. I’ve burnt myself on previous frothers and cleaning up the milk; that was horrible too. That leads to my next favorite feature. It self-cleans the milk reservoir!! Yes, it cleans its self! I shreaked with delight when I discovered this function. If only my house and children had a self-cleaning button.

I still have to read the manual and thank the baby Jesus that half of it’s in Spanish. You ever do that? I always see where English ends and Spanish begins, just to make me feel a little better about the thickness of a manual.

My oldest and I brewed our first cups this evening and they were wonderful! I love how hot the drink is as opposed to my normally luke-warm latte. So yes, if you’re looking for that last-minute gift, you should definitely consider the Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso and Cappuccino Machine.




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