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gym review

Look I’ll be real, I haven’t exactly been the picture of health over the last few years. Fortunately, I take 2 medicines that are appetite inhibitors and it served me well the first few years but now this showdown is currently happening in my body:

Metabolism: I’m getting weaker, I can no longer handle here weekly jaunts to Chipotle, 5 Guys and the bottles of wine she drinks.

Medication: Ok, ok….but help me out here Meta, just another year let’s keep her from becoming obese.

Metabolism: Sorry friend, something’s got to give and I’m afraid it’s gonna have to be her waistline.

Food: This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in (looks around stomach, thighs and ass). Sure, there isn’t granite counter tops but I could totally see us here for the rest of our lives. We aren’t ever going to leave!

And so, I’m getting a head start on loosing weight in lieu of waiting till January 1st. I promise, this won’t turn into a fitness blog and if it does, shoot me. But I will tell you about my experience at Planet Fitness knowing that many of you will soon vow to lose weight and be looking for a gym.

With 1,500 locations in the U.S., including Mexico and Canada, I’m guessing there is one near you. At first, I was looking into Lifetime Fitness but then remembered there was a relatively new Planet Fitness in the same area. I got online and about fell off my chair at how inexpensive the membership is. If you want the no frills membership, it’s just $10 and no annual commitment. I decided to go with the Black Card membership for $21.99 a month. While this doesn’t list every perk, I’ll list the ones that are important to me or I feel would be important to you:

  • Access to every Planet Fitness
  • Unlimited use of the massage chairs and hydrotherapy (these are magical, trust me)
  • Unlimited use of the tanning beds (which I’ll never use)
  • Unlimited use of the total body enhancement (it’s this chamber thing you go in and overall enhances your appearance. I haven’t tried it yet but can’t wait!)

And my favorite perk? You can always bring a guest with you to every single workout! Are you kidding me? That’s like a buy 1 get 1 free. This was most important as my oldest is old enough to workout with me and has been wanting to.

Fitness Machines

I’ve been there twice now and never struggled to find a machine. Unlike some gyms I used to attend, 10 out of the 30 tread mills aren’t broken. There are so many treadmills, eliptical trainers, bikes and a machine I don’t know what the hell it is. There are free weights and weight machines. I also like the 2 sectioned off areas that are specific to either a 30 minute workout and a 12 minute ab workout. I was intimidated at first but yesterday I did it and have vowed to do it again.

Locker Rooms

Why do most locker rooms guarantee a fungus of some sort? I’ve always felt dirty just walking into most. Couple that with the ever lingering foot and sweat smell and it’s no wonder why you only use it when you have to use the restroom. These locker rooms were clean, modern and well-lit. The lockers were more like modern cabinets. Fresh flowers were in 2 areas and 2 hair dryers were hanging from a vanity area. My only concern is the lack of signage and this was justified when a man accidentally went into the women’s locker room yesterday, only to emerge 20 seconds later, beet red.

The Staff

I’ve been to places before that unless you look like a Goddess with a 6-pack, they’ll struggle to even give you the time of day. The staff I’ve encountered so far have been laid back, helpful and friendly. Though I go in there feeling like a lard-ass, they don’t treat me like a lard-ass and for that I’m grateful.

Overall (and I’m not being paid for this btw), it has been a great experience! I highly recommend Planet Fitness! If you’re not sold yet, click here fill out some info and they’ll email you a complimentary guest pass. That’s what I did and was sold after the first visit!

P.S. For all my readers in the U.K. and Europe, I’ll put in a good word for them to expand to you guys? I mean, after all, you can’t call your gym Planet Fitness if you aren’t all over the planet, am I right?



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