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Ikea Catalog Drops Today

There are 2 things when it comes to home improvement and interior design that I’m obsessed with: tiny homes and Ikea. I’ve written on more than one occasion about both topics. I love me some tiny homes and I love me some Ikea.

In 2015 when I found out my city was getting an Ikea, I nearly shit my pants. A decade ago I would drive 4 hours to the Ikea in Pittsburgh. 5 years ago, I would drive 2 hours away to the Ikea in Cincinnati. Then finally, as if the Swedish angels were smiling down on me, they built one just 40 minutes away. What’s next? One in my neighborhood?

I called the Columbus Ikea yesterday and confirmed the catalog drop because yes, I really am that nerdy. I knew I was particularly lame when the Ikea employee had to put me on hold to ask someone when it was coming out. I was more interested in knowing when the blessed event was happening than he was. The Ikea catalog coming out for me is on par with royal watchers waiting outside the hospital for Kate and Williams babies.

52 Square Foot Home

Because I have what I like to call a tiny, little problem with instant gratification, I audibly gasped when an email came in on Monday from Ikea, offering the opportunity to look at the electronic, 2019 Ikea catalog.

Ok, can we just stop here and address the topic of this blog post? I am spending an entire blog post on the Ikea catalog! What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I love it so much? Is this what life was like up until the internet and we had to rely on the Sears and JC Penny catalogs? Or if you were super fancy, Speigel. I’m so fuckin’ lame…..

So let me continue. Ikea is showcasing their products in the catalog with 7 different homes, one being a mere 52-square-feet (or for my readers everywhere else in the world, that’s 4.83096. If that conversion is wrong, don’t blame me, blame Google). But after going through the catalog over and over again, I still can’t find the God damn 52 square foot house. I found the man with the man bun, sitting in his 176 square foot house but that’s not small enough. I need to find this stupid 52 square foot house to see what stupid truly looks like.

So yeah, if you’re privy to the catalog ahead of schedule and happen to know what page the 52-square-foot home is on, let me know in the comments! Ok?

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20 thoughts on “Ikea Catalog Drops Today

  1. I love Ikea and our nearest store is in Southampton so you can sit upstairs in the restaurant and if lucky enough to grab a window seat look out over Southampton Water and see the latest cruise ship ready to leave. Am I jealous of the passengers? No, much more fun to cruise round Ikea’s lifesize dolls’ houses!

    1. Omg! I love going into the fake homes! But that really is cool about watching the cruise ships. A plate of Sweadish meatballs and cruise ship watching? I could do that!

    1. Well that’s even better if he doesn’t want to attend. If my husband came with me, I wouldnt be able to do my 3 hour cruise around the showroom.

        1. Yeah, that could be a problem! When I think about driving in Europe, I just quickly erase it from my mind as I would be in an accident the first 5 minutes. I have 3 places in the U.S. I won’t drive: NYC, SF and LA. Been to all 3 and I know what I’m not capable of and driving there is it.

  2. hehe this was great! There is an ikea a 15 minute drive from my house but I don’t have a car lol the bus goes but I don’t trust myself to go there and have to take the bus back because I will buy all the things

      1. Haha it’s true!! And I don’t really need anything. But I love eating there. It’s so yummy but so basic. My regular nanny family buys bags of meatballs and we have them for dinner with pasta every Wednesday

  3. As a home decor copywriter & content manager who has been obsessing over the catalog all morning I am THRILLED with your post! 😛 They dedicated an entire page to stackable chairs (p. 143)! That’s crazy and somehow brilliant. The sectional with stacks of books spilling everywhere (neatly, of course) and the guy sleeping on it (p. 52) is my favorite – that’s my life! And the cat hiding in the closet on p. 24 is such a great photo.

    I hate to say it but I think 52 square feet is a typo. It has to be – I can’t find it anywhere, either. Someone left a comment on Ikea’s Facebook post about the catalog asking if it is a typo, so other people are noticing, too.

  4. I get this. One of the things we were most excited about with this move was that there would be an Ikea mere minutes away. It’s like, RIGHT OVER THERE. Husband has said the words, “We should go to Ikea” like 817 times already, but I’m all, “Hold your horses, Sparky… we don’t wanna walk in there until we’re emotionally, mentally, and financially prepared to drop a couple hundred dollars on things we didn’t know we needed. TRUST ME.” Poor luv, he’s never been.

    Maybe I should set him up with the catalogue so he understands… he thinks it’s just the place you go for bookshelves and futons!

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