Hot Mess Goes To Ikea Columbus


I have waited for this all my year! On Wednesday, Ikea Columbus opened just 31 miles away from my home. Gone are the days of 2.5 hour trips to Cincinnati or 4 hour trips to Pittsburgh. I have an Ikea I can call my own! Now, for all of you have one just minutes from your house, let me have my moment. Things seem more special (like chocolate) when you only experience every so often.

On Monday, folks could begin camping out for the Wednesday opening; and they did. The first 44 customers received a free sofa. 44 was the theme as this is the 44th store in America. We are the 15th largest city in the U.S. and it took this long. No, I’m not bitter at all. I LOVE Ikea and have written posts about it here and here.

My Ikea Journey

Ikea Way

I begin to clap like a giddy school girl when I see this sign.

Thumbs Up Ikea

Me at a red light in front of Ikea. Almost there!!

My Pointing at Ikea

My son protested taking this picture, embarrassed. After threatening we would not go to the Nike outlet, he complied. He was supposed to get the word IKEA in the shot as I wanted to be pointing at it.

Ikea DJ

In celebration of this blessed event, a DJ was hired for all day music. He was awesome!

Ikea Magician

There was a magician to keep the boys happy while we wait for our special Ikea meal

Ikea Sweedish Meatballs

You can’t go to Ikea & not eat meatballs! My son tried it for the first time with the jam and LOVED it!

This is me riding off into the sunset from Ikea. Or at least in my friend’s neighborhood….

The opening was a well oiled machine. Ikea nailed it and this is what all openings and Black Fridays should look like. They had an employee in every parking lane to either direct parking or ask questions. There were around 8 employees in the restaurant who’s only job was to direct the lines so they stayed even, or answer questions.

The only complaint I had and not Ikea’s fault was the women’s bathroom. The first 2 stalls I selected  had unflushed toilets with a ridiculous amounts of toilet paper in them. Were they clogged? I go into the handicap stall to find some knuckle-dragging barbarian had not only shit on the toilet seat, but failed to clean it up. Like it looked like someone’s ass had exploded and anyone normal, would have cleaned it up. I eventually selected a clean stall that was next to a woman talking on her cell phone while going. Peoples, don’t do this. It is so tacky.

We walked out only spending $79 between the 3 of us. I told the boys this was an exploring mission. I saw 500 things I wanted but restrained myself.

So Ikea, I salute you! Thank you for coming to Columbus! I will faithfully shop you often!



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