5 Ways to be a Decent Human Being When Sharing a Vacation House

Vacation home

We are currently sharing a house with our friends and their 2 sons who are both under the age of 10. I honestly believe you need to understand how a family lives before spending an entire week under the same roof. We hit the jack pot with regards to a great family to share a house with.

And I also need to add this. I totally want a sister-wife. I’m not talking on a lesbian level or the creepy act of swingers. I’m talking having someone in the home that actually cares about keeping the kitchen clean like you do. Or when someone needs a pop sickle, you have an extra hand. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, this week has proved it. I might write an entire post on this later.

The one thing that has happened twice now that is out of my control and I’m sure it’s a little annoying is I’ve slept walk this week. I used to sleep walk so much my parents installed these extra set of doors in my attic bedroom. They were kinda pointless considering I would just fling them open and walk down the stairs.

5 Ways be a Decent Human Being When Sharing a Vacation House

  1. Don’t leave food (especially open food) out. Just because your hunkering down to enjoy a bowl of potato chips doesn’t mean other people want to eat them too. Put the damn clip back on the chips and put them in the pantry.
  2. It’s a vacation but not a vacation from cleanliness.  My youngest leaves random shit in his wake and I’m constantly nagging him and/or cleaning up after him. I explained the whole, we’re sharing with another family so you have to be mindful of what you are doing.
  3. Don’t lounge on the sofa like you’re at home. You’re not home, your sharing with other people and they have asses that want to sit too.
  4. This has been hard with kids but we try to maintain that you don’t sit on the sofa or chairs with wet asses. Don’t you hate it when you go to sit down and your butt is wet? That’s the worst!
  5. Wet towels everywhere. I want to scream at this. Let me paint you a picture. I go to use our restroom, look down and my youngest has just left the towel on the floor in lieu of hanging it. Scream. I go out to the kitchen to grab a string cheese, come back, look in their room and find a wet beach towel on the bed. Scream!

House Rules

You guys will love the binder they left us and especially the “departure checklist” before we leave. Am I oblivious or are the below bullet points a little ridiculous?

  • Only 2 towels per bedroom are allowed to be dirty.
  • Dishes are to be washed and put away.
  • Check out is at 10 a.m. They said to ensure the house will be clean for the next incoming family. Well it wasn’t ready for us at the 4 p.m. check-in time to begin with! They were cleaning till 4:30!
  • If you leave any items, you are charged not only $45 but the shipping fee. Are you kidding me?
  • Pool and spa heat costs $150. If we are paying a gabillion dollars for this place, shouldn’t that be included?
  • We are not allowed to leave sea shells. They said point-blank, they don’t want them. They did however say to leave all your left over food as the cleaning crew will “dispose” of it. Yeah….I bet. I totally don’t have a problem with this but don’t be an ass hole if I leave a charger or an article of clothing. It has to go both ways here.

So are those a little ridiculous? I love on Tuesday when I found a white trash bag of beach towels and you’ll love the hand written label. It said the following:


Thank you Captain Obvious, I was going to use them as tea towels.


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