No April Fools This Year

April fools

Well folks I didn’t do an April Fools this year. Why? Because my sons are expecting it and if they are expecting it, it’s not believable enough. It also didn’t help that April Fools falls on one of the most religious holidays of the year. I wondered if doing an April Fools joke (especially 1 of the 2 I was considering, would be considered tasteless.

I’ve decided to leap-frog each year so my sons aren’t sleeping with 1 eye open every March 31st. And actually, I will be sleeping with 1 eye open this evening. I’m thinking about evening locking my bedroom door. Why? Because the 13-year-old announced he has something up his sleeve. He’s already sworn it does not in any way involve a snake. If it did, I would drop him off at the closest fire station for that law where you’re allowed to drop your kid off, no questions asked. I don’t know the max age but really, there shouldn’t be one.

Anyway, for those of you who didn’t see this last year or want a good laugh again, I present to you my son’s reaction to me getting a fake tattoo.

The April Fools Video



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