It’s My Birthday Today!


I turn 41 today. Honestly I wish I was saying I’m turning 21 or 31 but I guess 41 will have to do. I told myself I would sleep in on my birthday, instead I got up at 7:52. About 5 minutes later, I heard my 9-year-old stirring.

‘Oh how adorable! He wants to be the first to wish me happy birthday!’ I thought.

I braced for his adorable declaration of love and good wishes for my special day.

“Mom, I’m hungry. Can you please make me breakfast?” He said as he walked through the hall. Not the greeting I thought was going to happen but at least he said please.

Once my husband came down and said happy birthday, I heard my 9-year-old shout from the front room, “Oh crap! Yeah, happy birthday!”

Whwww….wwwwww……woooonnnnggggggg……..(that’s supposed to be that total let down sound you hear when things don’t go as planned)

Born Atop an Ancient Burial Ground

I’m not going to be a Debbie Downer here. In fact, I look back on these incidents and laugh. But things seem to go wrong on my birthday or the day we are to celebrate it. Here are the most memorable:

7th birthday

Because I’m a December baby in the midwest, there is a chance of poor road conditions. This was devastating to me as we couldn’t make the drive into Columbus to celebrate my birthday at Chuckie Cheese. Had I known at the time what those snow chains are that you put on your wheels, I would have told my parents to drive to Sears, grab them and put them on as Mr. Chuckie E. Cheese is waiting to sing, “you know it’s your birthday……” to me.

11th birthday

My parents thought it was a good idea to schedule not only a dental appointment but a doctor’s appointment on my birthday. At said doctor’s appointment, the doctor announced that I needed my adenoids removed. Thank you doctor for this lovely birthday news. Surely there wasn’t 364 other good days you could have delivered this to me.

21st birthday

Oh, the age to drink, and trust me I did. I drank enough Long Island Iced Teas to take me to Long Island, NY. We stayed at Embassy Suites for the event since they have a manager’s reception and alcohol is free for 2 hours straight. Perfect for a 21-year-old, right? No. Of my few memories of that night, it’s of the coldness of holding the porcelain God as if it was my one and only salvation.

32nd birthday

This wasn’t a bad birthday at all, it’s just what I did on my actual birthday that was sad. We had a newborn that was just 16 days old so we were still on lockdown at the house. Granted, we still went to my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world, Japanese Steak House while my in-laws watched our new bundle of joy. But on my birthday, I was so desperate to just get out of the house, I drove to the gas station a mile away and just browsed the aisles like I was at a Macy’s or something. Eventually a clerk came over and asked if I needed anything.

“No thank you. I’m just trying to decide on the beef jerky original or the spicy beef jerky. What do you recommend?”

40th birthday

They killed off the main character of one of my favorite shows- Vikings! I just sat there in absolute disbelief. And they didn’t just kill him by beheading or stabbing or with fire. They killed him with my biggest phobia! I just sat there cry/laughing. I always say that if irony had a job, it would be a comedian and he did not disappoint. Really Vikings? Snakes? On my 40th birthday? WTF!

Ok, so here we are, my 41st year on this planet. My birthday comes with additional pressure as it is just 3 days before the new year. Usually when people decide to make lifestyle changes, it’s either on New Years Day or their birthday. I just happen to celebrate both in the same week so absolutely no pressure. I intend to write a New Years resolution post but that’s for another day. Have a great day everyone!


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