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Today Is My Birthday!

Today is my birthday all! Hot Mess turns 42! I’d like to think I don’t look old but maybe I do? I feel like aging is like carrying all the clothing you just folded to everyone’s bedroom. You’re hell-bent on not dropping any because you only want to make 1 trip to each of their… Continue reading Today Is My Birthday!

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It’s My Birthday Today!

I turn 41 today. Honestly I wish I was saying I’m turning 21 or 31 but I guess 41 will have to do. I told myself I would sleep in on my birthday, instead I got up at 7:52. About 5 minutes later, I heard my 9-year-old stirring. ‘Oh how adorable! He wants to be… Continue reading It’s My Birthday Today!

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It’s the Freakin’ Weekend!

We made it to Friday folks (que happy tear)! We did it! That’s my happy dance by the way….. I’d like to thank everyone that made this goal possible…….chocolate, saying “fuck it” at lunch and ordering combo #1 at Wendy’s, my book, Extracted by R.R. Haywood and lastly wine. Wine? Where would we be… Continue reading It’s the Freakin’ Weekend!

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Watched Fireworks Like a Boss

Yesterday’s post was about what will inevitably show up at any and all firework displays- the worst humans on Earth. These people will surround our blanket, screaming at each other while their derelict children run on our blankets with sparklers and spilling Mt. Dew. These people are known as white trash and they make my… Continue reading Watched Fireworks Like a Boss

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