Craft Brew At The Zoo

craft brew at the zoo

I really don’t have a lot to tell you guys other than I am super excited about tomorrow after work. Tomorrow after work, we are getting complimentary VIP wrist bands to something called Craft Brew At The Zoo.  This may come as a shock after all…..

  • I hate beer
  • I have a severe phobia of snakes and avoid the zoo like the plague since they have those “animal experience” people who occasionally walk around with a snake wrapped around their neck. So even avoiding the amphibian house is useless.

So why am I excited? Umm…..just a little known group from the 90’s called the Spin Doctors. Because my company is amazing, they’ve secured the entertainment and it’s the Spin Doctors.

Hot Mess, who the fuck are the Spin Doctors? 

Oh sorry, that’s right….I have several people reading this that were born in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Ok, they had 2 really awesome hits called Little Miss and Two Princes. If this is drawing a blank, please click on these links asap to be schooled. Though I like both songs, Two Princes is my favorite.

So help me out folks, who loved the Spin Doctors?


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