My Son Wants To Live Like A Rapper


Now my son didn’t wake up Sunday and announce to family and friends, “I wish to be Tupac or Eminem.” No, he has simply requested, nah, demanded a set of luxuries that go beyond my husband’s and my means. Maybe these would be possible if my husband didn’t put hundreds of dollars a month into soccer fees, uniforms and tournaments but that is where our money goes so our sons hopefully get a scholarship. Not that I’ve thought long and hard about this and I’m just brainstorming, but if a scholarship comes about and there are thousands of dollars left over in college funds, we are going to be the ones livin’ like rappers. At 70, I’ll be makin’ it rain with dolla’ bills while Flo-rida plays in the background.

So below is a list of what he, as a 12 year old feels is completely practical to ask for. When we tell him that most kids aren’t fortunate enough to have this list he has requested, he looks at us as if we have just told him standard school dress code will now be pink and purple tutus.

The List

  • Pair of $130 tennis shoes (do they even call them tennis shoes anymore? I call them tenni bops.)
  • Flat screen, colored tv in his room (this after the doctor confirming for him that a tv in a kids room is a bad idea)
  • New bedroom suit (despite it coming from Ikea, we are still talking $500+)
  • Apple music renewal now that his 3 month free trial and 3 month gift card has run out
  • Desktop top computer, but possibly a laptop since he sees the merits of both
  • Camera, like the famous You Tubers have (this I’m mildly considering but we share since I want to dabble in vlogging)

So there you have it. This is on top of paying for a nanny for the summer and the soon to be back to school supply list that normally costs no less than $250. So tell me, do you have kids or know kids who are in the business of livin’ large right now? How do you cope or do you flat out just say NO! Now full disclosure, my son is trying to earn money through babysitting but no one is going on dates often enough to earn the money he needs to afford his wanna be extravagant lifestyle.




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