Blackballed By Pinterest

Black Balled By Pinterest

About 5 years ago when I was laid off, I took it upon myself to sew things and sell it on Etsy to make ends meet. I made all sorts of stuff: wallets, sun glass cases, pot holders, shorts and handbags. The list was endless. It wasn’t enough to be my income but it helped while collecting unemployment looking for a new job. Additionally when I was at a flea market I saw these ridiculously cool bracelets made from the leather of a baseball. I began to collect brooches, rings and old necklaces from the thrift shop, extracting the part of the jewelry I wanted to use on the baseball bracelets as the crown jewel. I also sold these on Etsy.

When I found another job, I let my Etsy shop just die. Not paying any attention to incoming emails or orders. One bride (and this is going to seem super ass hole of me) emailed me that she sent me family heirlooms to place upon bracelets she wanted made for her bridal party. She asked if I had received these. No, I never got a box from this person. And honestly, why in Gods name would you send a complete stranger family heirlooms for bracelets you hadn’t even paid for? I didn’t receive her box and I should have told her but I didn’t. I just did what I always do, ignore it and pray it goes away.

About 6 months later I went to purchase something on Etsy and was informed I cannot have any sort of transactions on Etsy, having let my shop go to the shitter.

‘Fair enough,’ I thought. I completely deserved that.

What I don’t deserve is Pinterest blackballing me. After reading several posts from the lovely Suzie Speaks (Please check her out! She’s amazing with advice on growing your audience!) about the importance of Pinterest in driving new traffic to your blog, I decided to begin the process of building up this form of social media. As I went to add one of my posts, I received this message:

Black Balled By Pinterest

I tried several posts and still the same message. What the fuck Pinterest? I began to go through and see what would have triggered this and began to delete stuff but still nothing. I sent a message to Pinterest and you’ll love this, I get the following message:

pinterest snag it

Really Pinterest? Really? Your not big enough? Your just a “wittle” social media company and can’t respond to my e-mail? WTF? Your on the same street as Facebook. You probably have Zuckerberg over for dinner. Too little? Please! I’ve been checking my e-mail hourly to see if I’ve received anything from them stating they unblack balled my account. I haven’t and it’s driving me crazy!!! I’m ready to set this shit up and can’t because I’m blocked. You won’t block obnoxious wreath making ideas or 24 things to do with pistachios but you’ll block a post called 40 Going On 12?

So I’m in Pinterest purgatory till some sweet person helps unlock my account. When I do get up and running, won’t you follow me?


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