Because I’m 40 Going on 12


As I heard fireworks while watching tv last night, I ran to the glass doors to watch. I’m a sucker for fireworks. Upon peering out, I saw 2 lighting bugs doing it. I of course grabbed my phone to video tape and took this video:

But this was not enough for me. I grabbed my 12 year old son and asked the following:

“Find Let’s Get It On, by Marvin Gaye. Now play it when I say, ok?”

Kim Kardashian has nothin’ on me….

Is this a sign of loosing all sanity? I don’t know. Ok, it’s one thing to see a dog humping a dog but on the rare occasion you see bugs doing it, it grabs your attention. In my head, and I don’t know if you are like this, bugs just seem to exist and you never think of a mommy bug and a daddy bug doing the deed to make a baby bug. Ok, I need to shut up now. Happy Hump Day!

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