15 Things That Annoy Most of Us

hotel remote control not working

I did a list like this last year but since a year has gone by, a new list of annoying things have sprouted up. I would like to share them with you as I’m guessing my annoyance is shared by many of you out there too!

  1. The remote controls in the hotel room with nearly dead batteries. No matter how many times you ferociously bang the numbers, it doesn’t work. When it does, you land on C-Span.
  2. The world does not need 1 more food home subscription. From Blue Apron to Hello Fresh, this could be one of the greatest gimmicks on Earth. All I want to say is, “Let me get this straight. I pay 150% more for ingredients because they are delivered to my door? I am then tasked with making this dish despite my cooking abilities tapping out at Taco Tuesday?”
  3. Bathrooms with no hook for your coat or purse.
  4. The ketchup Nazi who only disperses 3 ketchup packets to you, despite your $26 order; half of which are French fries.
  5. Anything in my eye. Usually occurring at interviews.
  6. Butter that doesn’t spread.
  7. Remembering passwords. But remember! Don’t write them down and make sure every password is different. If I were a robot this would totally work. Until we become robots, I’ll keep all my passwords written down and throw caution to the wind.
  8. Going to dinner with 4 other people, only to be put on the end of the table, in the aisle, where everyone is accidentally running into your chair.
  9. Thinking your favorite tv show is new this week, only to discover it’s a rerun.
  10. Clothes that NEVER stay on the hanger. Even when those loop things are added to the inside of a shirt. I could do a military grade knot with these loops and it would STILL FALL OFF!
  11. Someone who always answers your texted question…..with a question.
  12. C-Span.
  13. Someone who sends 9 texts to you, all within the same minute. All of this info could have been easily conveyed in 1 SINGLE TEXT!
  14. People who leave empty soda cans in the sink in lieu of throwing them away. I’m sorry, are we going to reuse the cans?
  15. The person who leaves 4 toilet paper squares on the toilet paper roll just so they don’t have to change it. This also goes for the paper towel roll and copy machine.


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