A Few Things That Annoy Me

button faucet annoyance

At one point I created a post about Pet Peeves. Full disclosure, I’m too lazy to go back and confirm if I posted these in the last one. I don’t think I did but then again, I have lost my keys (twice) and my drivers license in literally the past 30 days. I did notice that there is a pattern around bathroom annoyances which is surprising because I get my best ideas either in the shower or on the toilet.

Annoyance 1: Those push button faucets where you are only allowed 3 to 5 drops of water, either scolding hot or dry ice temperature to wash your hands.

Annoyance 2: The phrase, “it is what it is”. Oh my God, that is like nails on chalkboard for me. That phrase, in my mind is you have essentially given up. I know, I know, it could be you have made peace with something and I will reluctantly bark “fine” to that but I still hate it.

Annoyance 3: Too large a toilet paper roll. I have mixed feelings about this. It’s great that you get more toilet paper on a roll but usually I find myself having to remove the roll to get the amount of tp I need then replacing it, only to find it on the side of the sink because someone was too lazy to replace it. To piggy back on this, I really don’t mind which way it unravels though I do prefer for it to unravel from the front. I know this can be a real pet peeve for someone.

Annoyance 4: Single-ply toilet paper. This conveys you don’t care. Take notice McDonald’s, you know who you are.

Annoyance 5: The phrase “my bad”. Oh my God, are you that lazy you can’t say, “that was my mistake”? I just think of Clueless and the first time I heard it.

Annoyance 6: Not finding the remote and having to get up to turn the t.v. An unnecessary hopelessness runs through me because for a split second I think I will never find the remote nor any remote will work with this particular t.v. and I will have to throw it out and spend $700 I don’t have to buy another 60″ t.v. Gawd! The first world problems!!!

Annoyance 7: The floor of a pool bathroom. Is there anything more disgusting? Especially when toilet paper has dropped on the floor and is now fashioned into something that looks like a white worm or a joint? I’ve never seen a joint before, except for on tv so if I’m completely off on this one, let me know.

That’s it for now. I may revise this post as I think of new annoyances. If you comment with your annoyances, I’ll add them to this post and add your blog next to the annoyance. Deal?


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